Lady Gaga Does ‘Ellen’ On Black Friday

Nov 27th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Lady Gaga swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and performed “Speechless” and “Bad Romance” in the episode that airs today. And this being Black Friday, maybe Gaga is hoping to at least boost sales of The Fame Monster enough so that she can remain somewhat competitive with the sales juggernaut that is Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream.

That disco raccoon look is pretty classy. And it looks like Lady Gaga’s still keen on the pillow-jammed-up-the jacket look she busted out on The Jay Leno Show earlier this week.

But despite the fact that she may get clobbered by Britain’s Got Talent vixen Boyle next week in the charts, Gaga sent a clear-cut tweet to her followers recently: “To all my beautiful fans, i love you more than anything. thanku 4 making the fame monster #1 on itunes. you are the only reward i need xgaga”


  1. Chuckjones

    The Speehless performance brought tears to my eyes. The whole show was great. Ellen is a dear, and very funny in a warm sort of way. I usually don’t get to watch her show due to work, but made sure I caught this one. Her interview with Lady Gaga was also great. They really connected.

  2. Nothing spectacular about any of them, decent yes certainly didn’t bring a tear to my eyes. Typical gaga I really don’t get her M.O behind her bad romance performances/choreography just seems too disconnected this dark arts crap is really getting tired.

  3. De

    She is a legend! I love her, even if shes a little nuts! LoL no pun intended!

  4. Susan may have her in sales at iTunes but I don’t know if anyone is a more entertaining performer then Lady Gaga right now. If you had to choose a concert which would you go to?

    Speechless is a great song. Possibly one of Gaga’s best even though she keeps banging dance hit after hit after hit.

  5. menyc

    Things that this performance was influenced by, but not as good as:

    1. Rachel Stevens’ So Good video.
    Watch it, young idolator-americanpopjusticewannnnnnabeees, as you can reference it often as the origin of so much current choreography.

    2. The “fluorescent beige feel” (google “Precious”): Goldfrapp video for Ride A White Horse. I’d be so happy if LGG could come anywhere near what Alison G does daily, but alas…

    3. Ugh, the russian piano bar intros on every perf. We’ve seen Regina Spektor, we know it can exist.

    I’m someone who has NOT tolerated this person for a year or so, but the video and 2/3 of the BadRomance single are pretty brilliant (she doesn’t perform that middle eight for a reason, eh?). But you gotta back it, baby. I can only hope she lives up to what she desperately tries to be.

    And with that I kick your ass.

  6. MhS

    good lord this guy is trying way too hard be “different” and “offbeat”

  7. I worship Lady Gaga! She is my favorite artist!

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