Barbara Walters Finds Lady Gaga And Adam Lambert Fascinating

Looks like Adam Lambert will be gracing the ABC network again after all. Both Lady Gaga and Glambert have been branded “fascinating”—by Barbara Walters, at least. The View host will chat the two pop stars up on her Barbara Walters Presents The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 special, which airs December 9 on the Alphabet Network.

The pair will be in equally controversial company, since Sarah Palin is one of the other ten folks who’ll be rapping with Barbara.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga kicked off her Monster Ball tour in Montreal Sunday night, and fell smack on her rear during a dance routine to “Teeth.” (Clip after the jump.)

Luckily she picked herself right up and carried on shimmying to the Fame Monster track.

But maybe this means Gaga’s finally made it. After all, her duet partner Beyonce is no stranger to colossal stage tumbles:

Nor is Katy Perry:

Or Britney:

  • MhS

    Wow I just can’t hear enough about this guy Lady Gaga!

  • brenda J

    How tall is Adam Lambert or how short is Barbara Walters. He is like towering over her. So either Lambert is really tall or GaGa and Walters are really short. So when is this interview on I want to see it?

  • terie

    Guess I’ll have to curtail my ABC boycott for Barbara’s show since ADAM will be on. I’m glad to see that at least someone at ABC has confidence in ADAM. Will be waiting & watching for sure.

  • vv

    Adam Lambert is 6ft1
    Tall handsome guy

  • LHS

    Am I really the first to make this joke? Really. Okay. Here goes.

    “Lady Gaga, I’m Baba Wawa.”
    “Hi Baba Wawa, I’m Lady Gaga.”


  • Jenn

    Adam is tall 6’1″and totally hot!! The show is December 09/09 – The Barbara Walters Special – 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009, ABC, 10:00 EST. I have to agree that he is very fascinating!!

  • Janis

    I agree, I will only watch ABC when and if Adam is on the channel. I do look forward to seeing this. Adam Rocks!!

  • rockymtranger

    Don’t forget about J-Lo’s “intentional” buttslam.

  • Dorena

    Adam totally fascinates me. Can’t wait to see him.

  • RoRo

    I will for sure be watching this! Hope ABC can move on now, after the AMA’s. Should be an interesting program, with Lambert, GaGa, and Sarah Palin in the mix. I don’t blame Walters at all if she finds Lambert fascinating – I do too! Lady GaGa is a great musician, can’t wait until she and Adam do a show together! Awesome!

  • abciswrong

    still planning on catching interview on the internet. want to see adam lambert (and gaga too), but will not support abc. this was taped and then abc dropped the boom they were canceling him on gma…underhanded and sneaky. plus, i might retch if i have to be subjected to a double dose of palin and beck. they are about as fascinating as the turd i just flushed down my toilet.

  • ianaleah

    Lady Gaga, individualistic creative courageous talented. Adam Lambert, crea courageous, honest,individualistic, talented. Sarah Palin, robotic, beautiful,, spouts out what she was told to think and believe at age 6yr and still doing so, android. The incredible Lady Gaga will probably scare Palin to death and she’ll try to pass legislation to make it a crime to be creative.

  • MhS

    wot? Lady Gaga’s not honest?

  • Melinda

    Babs reigns as the queen of smart journalists.

    LOVE YA for recognizing Adam. He IS fascinating.

    ABC … ur lucky Barbara gave ya a second chance.

  • LCD

    Barbara Walters… a SMART woman for picking Gaga and Lambert as most FASCINATING… because they both really are TRUE ENTERTAINERS with lovely personalities.

  • Chance

    Adam Lambert is how tall? Six feet one? That is a whole lotta love! Well not trying to objectify him but he sure is a lot of sexy eye candy. I’ll have to watch it. I can tivo it so I can skip past Palin, Kate and Beck. Holy cow could you imagine having Beck in the same room as Lady Gaga (bisexual) and Adam Lambert (gay)? There would be a fight. My money would so be on Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert for the win.

  • Groupiegirl

    I have always been a fan of yours for your put it out there no matter what attitude. Thanks for the chance to see Adam again. Thanks ABC.

  • Groupiegirl

    I said it once and I’ll say it for as many times as it takes. I have always been a fan of Barbara and Dave Letterman for that matter and Ellen for making Adam available to his fans. Thanks and thanks CBS and ABC.

  • Angel

    I salute Barbara Walters for her clout in putting ADAM back in ABC programming for her shows. ADAM is The MOST FASCINATING Person this 2009 and should be on top of that list together with Lady Gaga. Both rabid fans and haters fascination with ADAM is INTENSE! So he wins, hands down.

  • aa

    i saw the commercial on youtube
    barbara walters is actully gonna ask gaga about the dumb rumor.

    “there;s a rumor about you being both a man and a woman”
    obviously its not true but im wondering how gaga will handle it. im sure shes sick of hearing that dumb rumor and it will finally be put to rest.

  • ateishmate

    Dude/ Adam is Pee Wee’s bro?

  • pabla picassa

    She's not a man, she's a manchick that's even better! LOL

  • pabla picassa

    OMG! Adam Lambert is SO HOT! and Lady GaGa is so amazing! Her music is fantastic! I LOVE them!