Nick Jonas Announces Solo Tour, Kevin and Joe Most Likely Miss Him Already

Dec 1st, 2009 // 6 Comments

The youngest Jonas Brother is returning to his solo act days—he’s hitting the road sans his older siblings to try out his “heart and soul” music on the people. Nick Jonas and the Administration (including three members of Prince’s New Power Generation!) announced their upcoming North American tour dates on their MySpace blog. Let’s see how many teens and adults unaccompanied by children flock to see just one (funky?) Jonas instead of the trifecta.

While Jonas breakup speculation persists, Nick insists his new project can “co-exist” with his other family business.

Will Nick’s tour get the big-screen, 3D treatment like the JoBros’ last outing? Yeeeah, we doubt it, though it’d be hard to do any worse than the guys’ most recent box-office performance. Nick will however have a big enough coming out party: he and the Administration will be among the legion of acts taking the stage at the Grammy nominations concert tomorrow night, airing on CBS at 9pm. (P.S. One more time… New Power Generation!)

Nick Jonas & The Administration U.S. tour dates as follows:

January 2 Dallas, TX House of Blues – On sale 12/5 at 10 AM
January 4 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium – On sale 12/5 at 10 AM
January 6 Washington, DC Warner Theater – On sale 12/5 at 10 AM
January 7 New York, NY Beacon Theater – On sale 12/5 at 11 AM
January 9 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theater – On sale 12/12 at 10 AM
January 12 Boston, MA Orpheum Theater – On sale 12/12 at 10 AM
January 16 Detroit, MI Fox Theater – On sale 12/12 at 10 AM
January 17 Chicago, IL Rosemont Theater – On sale 12/5 at 12 PM
January 19 St. Louis, MO The Pageant – On sale 12/12 at 11 AM
January 20 Milwaukee, WI Eagles Ballroom – On sale 12/12 at 10 AM
January 21 Minneapolis, MN State Theater – On sale 12/11 at 12 PM
January 23 Denver, CO Paramount Theatre – On sale 12/12 at 10 AM
January 26 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern – On sale 12/12 at 10 AM
January 30 Berkeley, CA Zellerbach Auditorium – On sale 12/12 at 12 PM


  1. AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    As someone who has been to an embarrassingly large number of Jonas shows, can I just tell you there is this weird thing that has happened over the past few years where Joe has become an incredible live vocalist and personality/performer whereas Nick’s live vocals get continuously worse and his stage presence is consistently negligible-to-cloying…but it’s like everyone pretends this isn’t happening, and Nick’s still the star/auteur…and now he needs a solo project? So wrong.

    He has very devoted tween/mom fans but…His songs? Not that great without his brothers selling them. His musicianship? Not as impressive as his posing as a Great Musician.

    Bummer, I had such hopes for them (okay…Joe) but this is just depressing. :(

  2. “Joe has become an incredible live vocalist and personality/performer” I seriously died alittle reading that, with work Nick could actually be a serious artist one day (aside from all this Disney 9 year old audience stuff) if he could just tune the vocals and not sound soo pubescent, though I doubt that will ever happen at this rate.

  3. What members of the NPG are on board?

  4. AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    Mr. Middleton, you keep believing that. I’ve followed this band for a long time…and in my opinion, Nick has already peaked, and appears to work really hard to be not that much above mediocre. He seems to think he deserves this because he started it. So he writes and plays, rockism POV would say he must be more talented…but I disagree. Joe barely seems to try and he’s awesome in concert. Have you been to one?

  5. AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    Meant “rockist” not rockism, btw.

    & Rev Matt, it’s Michael Bland, Tommy Barbarella, Sonny Thompson…I think that covers it.

  6. “Michael Bland, Tommy Barbarella, Sonny Thompson” That’s a nice lineup

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