Allison Iraheta Supports Music Industry By Purchasing Her Own Album

Dec 3rd, 2009 // 5 Comments

Don’t let the clever disguise fool you—that is indeed American Idol‘s Allison Iraheta in a New York taxi cab, on her way to a Best Buy for the purpose of purchasing her own CD incognito (and just maybe aiming for some YouTube views). Guess she read about the expected sales of her debut album and decided to take matters into her own hands. Pretty hilarious vid of Allison’s adventure after the jump, including a chance meeting with her all-time number one fan:

The laugh-out-loud funniest part isn’t when the salespeople have absolutely no idea who she is. It’s the face of the one guy who does recognize her.


He goes on to say “I voted for you so many times… when you sang ‘Alone!’” and then just continuously gushes after her (and her mom: “I remember you in the audience!”) before he literally starts to break down in tears of joy. Allison just made this guy’s life.

He’s not the only one who remembers those killer pipes: ABC television network mascot Adam Lambert testifies that Allison can “outsing any of the other teenagers in the recording industry right now. Like, sing circles around them.” Wonder if he’s thinking of anyone specific?

  1. ianaleah

    Fun, such a joy to see this great talent at the beginning of her superstardom career.Humor, btw, always defeats the devil so just being herself will bring her success. luv to Allison

  2. zingloot

    Haha. She’s always funny. I hope she sells lots of those CD’s

  3. 409musiclover

    Allison is going to outsell projections. She is a seriously gifted rocker chick. She will be around a long time. Her other idol mates have been getting all the media attention. One listen to #JustLikeYou will make a fan for life. We are looking forward to her next album.Allison has remained true to herself. She is funny and a pleasure to watch on interviews. Go Allison!! Superstar. Rock industry if you want her fanbase open up for the next rocker chick. Allsion appeals to teenagers and the older crowd.

  4. Truth

    Allison is really a cool chick with a great personality.

    Eat it Simon.

  5. rdean

    Wonder if he’s thinking of anyone specific?

    Yea, ALL of them.

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