Leona Lewis Unveils ‘Avatar’ Theme, Which Will Probably Be The Best Part Of The Movie (Which Isn’t Saying Much)

Dec 4th, 2009 // 10 Comments

How many icebergs can James Cameron hit on his way to releasing Avatar? The hammy and confusing trailer started us thinking we may not elect to see the 3D epic once, much less the multiple times we saw Titanic. But now comes Leona Lewis’ vibrato-tastic theme song for the movie. Better start counting lifeboats—we bring you “I See You”:

Do we have another “My Heart Will Go On” on our hands here? No, not really, even though Cameron & Co. hired the same producers who brought the world Celine Dion’s taste-defying smash. It’s not a bad vocal performance from Lewis, but the futuristic track feels all over the place, starting out with very Imogen Heap-style processing and winding up like a tune left off the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Worst of all, you can’t dance to it.

Still, the song is likely to become resume fodder for Leona as she marches toward becoming the go-to chanteuse for recording overwrought themes for geek-targeted projects. Next stop for Leona as she follows in Celine’s footsteps: Vegas. Nah, The X Factor producers would never support that, would they?

  1. Dirty

    Wow, way to sip the haterade.

  2. Wait, wait, hold up. How could you – or ANYONE – find the Avatar trailer confusing? My one complaint with the trailer was that it told too much, I felt like I got the entire movie’s plot right there.

    Not going to even listen to this song though.

  3. I know nothing of this movie I originally thought it was about a cartoon my nephew used to watch but clearly it isn’t, the song is totally forgettable like alot of Leona’s recent work.

    I’m blown away by the youtube comments comparing it to “My Heart Will Go On” this is in no way of that caliber nor do I see this movie becoming the next Titanic.

  4. bounty-hunter

    Wow, it really is unbelievable how much negativity this movie is generating. I personally am blown away with everything I see from this film. The first teaser wasn’t the best, but it was good. I really don’t understand what people expected from a movie. Visually, it looks better than any other cg. And as for the song, it sounds good to me. What did you expect?

  5. bounty-hunter

    I think people just want to be the one to say, ” I knew it was overhyped ” or something to that nature. Yes, the movie is getting a lot of hype (on the internet). But you should have known that it still is just a movie and a movie can only do so much. I never let the hype for this movie blind me. If you did, it’s your bad.

  6. bounty-hunter

    It was other film director’s who saw parts of the film who said that the movie was so revolutionary and amazing. So don’t get mad at James Cameron. And it IS revolutionary, from a technological standpoint.

  7. Whoever wrote this article apparently has issues with either the director and, or the singer. Every clip from the movie I’ve seen looks great and the song is just fine, especially for a movie soundtrack. It looks like people are trying to justify hating this thing before anyone has seen it. Nothing more.

  8. Only One Man

    First of all, it’s a movie, designed to entertain. If you like this kind of movie, I have every reason to believe that you will be entertained. If you don’t, go see “The Blind Side”, a great movie with no CG or special effects. The song is good, but I didn’t think “My Heart Will Go On” was all that and a loaf of bread. I think it rode the movie’s coattails, by itself, would not have been nearly as big a hit. Will this be the next Titanic? Who knows? Probably not, it doesn’t have as broad an appeal and it’s not based on history. I plan to see it in the IMAX format with my son as this is exactly the kind of movie we love. As far as the hype, so what? Good marketing could net another few million dollars in ticket sales and when the movie cost a quarter BILLION dollars to produce, every sale counts. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the critiques until the movie is actually released, ok?

  9. MeNYC

    The negativity surround Avatar is fairly simple: It looks completely crap. And looks like absolutely NOTHING new. And it is destined to be a massive failure.

  10. nrasser


    It's still selling out theaters. ALL DAY!

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