Susan Boyle Stays At #1 As Adam Lambert, Rihanna And Gaga Fall

Dec 9th, 2009 // 15 Comments

Susan Boyle managed to fend off Andrea Bocelli’s My Christmas to retain the #1 position on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week, the trade publication reports. I Dreamed A Dream has now sold a total of 1.23 copies in the U.S. after only two weeks.

Well, Simon Cowell did have Boyle record “Silent Night” for her set of standards, and you can never underestimate the impulse buys of the holiday-shopping public. Does this technically make I Dreamed A Dream a holiday album? Hardly. But when it comes to safe fare for the whole family in December, Susan Boyle more than fits the bill of perfect cookie-baking jams to bring to Grandma’s house.

R. Kelly, on the other hand, debuts at #4 with Untitled. The “Pregnant” singer sold 114,000 copies of his ninth studio album, and even got bested by Taylor Swift’s Fearless (at #3), which has been out for well over a year now. Of course, her multiple Grammy nominations likely had something to do with her boost in sales.

Other than Susan Boyle, last week’s big new entries from Adam Lambert, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have now all been bumped out of the Top 10. Hits Daily Double has Gaga’s The Fame Monster dropping down to #15 with sales of 60,333 copies, Rihanna’s Rated-R at #18 (53, 544) and Lambert’s For Your Entertainment at #21 (50,648). Final Top 200 chart positions will be published by Billboard tomorrow.

HDD also shows Allison Iraheta debuting at #34 with Just Like You, after sales of almost 32,000. Hey, at least she bought a copy!

The Top 10 of Billboard‘s Top 200 Albums:

1. Susan Boyle, I Dreamed A Dream
2. Andrea Bocelli, My Christmas
3. Taylor Swift, Fearless
4. R. Kelly, Untitled *new*
5. Lady Gaga, The Fame
6. Carrie Underwood, Play On
7. Norah Jones, The Fall
8. Michael Jackson, This Is It
9. Various, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
10. Michael Buble, Crazy Love

  1. BlankFrank

    Not a surprise. Boyle fans still buy their music. Fans of current artists know how to get it for free.

  2. Serarg

    The manic Glambert fans have been strangely silent regarding this news.

    Oh well, at least he’s outselling Kris Allen, right? Not that that is particularly hard to do…

  3. ABC

    doesn’t “the fame” at #5 include deluxe versions of the fame that have the monster disc as well?

  4. DEEMA


  5. @Serarg What are you talking about??? But it’s alright, though… We,The Glamberts know what we need to do and that’s to support Adam’s music… You can say whatever you like,,, I’ll even cheer for you…

  6. @DEEMA calm down, girl… Everything will be alright… This is just a two week sale… don’t start any theory,,, it won’t help… ADAM will STAY at the SPOTLIGHT where he belongs… :)

  7. Fran

    Adam spit on mainstream America with that AMA performance. He proved he had a militant homo agenda, so it’s’ natural that only the fringe are buying his CD.
    Again, you can tell it’s a rejection because he was projected to sell 230K the first week, and it ended up being under 200K.
    I’d guess that he’d easily sell as much as David Cook did 280K if he just gave a regular peformance at the AMAs.

  8. vanessa

    I like some of the songs on Adam’s album, he has a variety. I heard them on a friend’s ipod. I may download some from itunes but I won’t buy his album. However, his behaviour on AMA is not my cup of tea. I am not biased towards gays but his antics have put me off him. The same token I avoid Britney , Madonna etc . I don’t see the need to resort to sexual innuendos to sell your product. To me its an immediate put off. Perhaps there are others who think like me and it may explain why he is not generating the numbers forecasted. In contrast, Susan Boyle has outsold all without sexual antics etc. Call me old fashioned etc but the numbers Boyle has generated speak volumes.

  9. Serang

    I’d like to believe there is some concerted red state/right wing conspiracy against Adam, but I think the real reason his album is, ahem, underperforming is there is no hit single (note to Glamberts, not saying the album is not creatively good so don’t attack please) with mass, crossover appeal. Like any successful AI alumni (Kelly, Chris, Carrie), he needs a hit single. Otherwise we’ll see him in the bargain bin with Taylor Hicks and Bo Bice.

  10. Brenda

    @BlankFrank, I bought Susan’s CD. I do know how to steal music, I’m just not a thief. I don’t steal from anyone else so why would I steal from a recording artist?
    Granted I usually only buy individual songs, but it just so happens that for the first time ever, I really like every song on her CD and actually ripped every one of them to my iPod.
    You see we’re not all senile computer illiterates.

  11. Peggy

    I have listened to all of Adams cd, and my favorite is for your entertainment and the one Master Plan that is not on his cd….I play it all the time at home and in the car…His cd is great….

  12. Linda Davis

    Susan has millions of fans the world over – the sales tell the story. The C.D. is stunningly beautiful.

  13. gfelice

    Susan is such a star! No wonder she is on top!

    Did you guys know that tv guide network has her exclusive story? I just read about it, here’s a link if anyone’s interested:

  14. Yeah Susan! I love her album!

  15. terie

    I'm not going to say anything against Susan Boyle unlike the Bashers commenting here about ADAM LAMBERT. There are already enough A-listers in the entertainment world who think ADAM is PHENOMENAL such as Brian May (QUEEN) Steven Spielberg, The DDD Forum experts, Simon Cowell (Susan's mgr.) and the list goes on & on. ELVIS was rejected by the GRAND OLD OPRY when he auditioned … need I say more? I think not!!

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