Selena Gomez Fails At Making Us Believe She’s The White Stripes

Dec 9th, 2009 // 8 Comments

Where oh where have we seen the angular red-black-and-white motif from Selena Gomez and The Scene’s video for “Naturally”? Selena mines the same aesthetic vein as Rihanna, borrowing liberally from The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” for the video for the second single off her Kiss & Tell album. And yes, we’re still just a little shocked when a tween actor-turned-singer steals a rock group’s style.

Check below for the all-too familiar clip by of The Wizards of Waverley Place star and her backup band, (sorry, no former Prince collaborators were available this time, they’re busy lending cred to another Disney star):

Everything else might “come naturally when you’re with me, baby”—but Selena coming off as a sophisticated dance-pop queen? No. Even with the psychedelic visuals distracting/tearing our corneas, this comes out looking forced. As for the song, it’s a sweet, if forgettable, taste of the bouncy, Go-Go’s-inflected vibe (well, more than inflected — ex-Go-Go drummer Gina Schock lent her talents to the album) that Gomez is aiming for in her pursuit of Cyrussian success. It’s going to take more than this.


  1. Hailey Shull

    i totally disagree. i think this is a great video and Selena is so amazing! she is being herslf, and maybe herself is like the white stripes!

  2. MhS

    @Hailey Shull: Is your keyboard’s shift ket broken?

  3. jasmine

    gotta say,
    first of all its her director that chooses how this video wouold be shot… dont blame Disney Stars just cause they’re from Disney.
    can tell why so many people hate them since they are so hjealous at their sucess.

    anyway, so what?
    look-a-like, but different song.
    nah, this critisicsm wont make it far cuz it doesn’t matter much and shes a great and sweet person, so hardly anyone bothers her

  4. Alec

    I don't like people stealing my favorite videos. This song is so unoriginal that I could almost puke right now. She does have some input on how the video is shot too, not just the retarded director who let her blatantly plagierize several people. All Disney channel stars suck at music and they should all just give up and focus on their only slightly better acting.

  5. mylifeasaida

    u guys need to leave her alone ahe hasn't failed cuz apparently the song wasa hit !!!!!

  6. Because of 8 year old girls.

    And even if the director shoots the video, the singer USUALLY (Because she’s a Disney star, I doubt it) come up with the idea of their own video AND will ALWAYS verify that the video is good for the song they sang and that the video is to their liking.

    All in all, unoriginal video is unoriginal and unoriginal artist in unoriginal.

  7. Taylor

    Plaigarism is not being yourself

  8. gigi gibbions

    i agree! white stripes- totally robbed. she uses the same colors SAME COLORS. she could have atleast used ONE OTHER COLOR. like pink black and white!!

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