Adam Lambert’s Not So ‘Fascinating’ Interview With Barbara Walters

Dec 10th, 2009 // 8 Comments

The “shock”-fest that was Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2009 ABC special continued last night as the View matron brought out Adam Lambert, who she likened to “the love child of Madonna and Elvis.” She introduced him by saying he “turned the music industry inside-out” with his “lewd” American Music Awards performance by “doing things we won’t show you here.”

Previously, American Idol runner-up Lambert seemed to be blacklisted by ABC following the AMAs. Last night’s taped interview with Walters marked his return to the network after a series of canceled invites.

Babs conjured up her best “serious” face when bringing up the AMAs and asked Adam, “Why did you do this?” She then followed that question with, “Do you regret doing it?”

Oh, Barbara. Didn’t you catch the Early Show the other week? Catch the video below to hear what Glambo had to say in response.

“I don’t really think you can jump to conclusions about me as an artist based on one performance,” Lambert told Walters, when she asked what effect he thinks this will all have on his career. “That’s an ignorant thing to do.”

The rest of the one-on-one was a bit of a snooze.


  1. fan123

    this was the choice of the program of what to include I am sure – yes – there was more interesting bits. I actually liked the intv as I thought it did a HUGE service to adam in the sense that people who only saw his AMA perf. now saw a lot of pretty mainstream stuff (cant get more mainstream than 2012 flick) and downplayed performances with his beautiful self and KILLER vocals on AI. all in all I think it really showed Adam in an amazing light. Plus, his openess and honestly is refreshing – you could even say fascinating in our culture. peace, shine on AL.

  2. Like

    Cute subdued interview… Not dissapointed… A break from his other interviews in which he radiates selfconfindence like a 1000 suns…

  3. MhS

    Why all the disrespect for Barabara Walters, Robbie? You wish you were one tenth the journalist she is.

  4. Cookie

    Confused. There seems to be a longer interview than what they showed so where is it Barbara? Where is the interview where he says he “wants to raise a child someday”? Seems a shame to keep it in the can.

  5. Swordfish

    You know ABC shows that Adam was one of the best and most original artists AI had ever had on. I think ABC is trying to back peddel here on what they did to Adam. I loved the ending of the interview where he starts singing on the 2012 movie and they have him speaking. I thought Adam came off looking very good in this. I am glad he didn’t apologize as I don’t ever want him to. He is himself and in such a fake world seeing a guy truly stand up and be heard without any apologies is a very nice change. He’s the kind of person you’d really want as a friend because you know where you stand with him. His music is fanstastic. It needs more radio time but it is a really great CD.

  6. phil

    I don’t find him fascinating. Looking like a washed-up Adam Ant and singing like a washed-up Meatloaf to weak backing tracks is in no way fascinating.

  7. Thanks, Barbara for understanding REAL talent. You are awesome. I think Adam Lambert already shook and will comtinue to shake the music industry. He is a TRUE artist. And sOO hot. He can’t help buy being so sexy. Can you blame him? I love It!! he is going to have a HUGE career here but especially internationally, where Being gay is NOT A BIG DEAL!!!! With this voice and his look, WOW!! he will get far.

  8. MhS

    @phil: well said, this chump Adam Lambert is as phony as a three dollar bill

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