Susan Boyle Expected At #1 Again, Chris Brown’s Sales Not So Hot

After spending two weeks at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart with I Dreamed A Dream, Susan Boyle is now being projected by the industry publication to stay perched at the top for a third time.

The Scottish hellcat’s debut has already sold 1.23 million copies in only its first 14 days of release, and Billboard says she could move anywhere from 500,000 to 600,000 more by the time next week’s chart is published. In fact, with four sales weeks left in 2009 for shoppers to snatch up Boyle’s set of standards, she just might overtake Grammy nominee Taylor Swift (at 2.53 million with Fearless) and land the year’s best-selling album overall.

Chris Brown, on the other hand, seems to be going toe-to-toe with the second Glee soundtrack. Billboard projects Glee—The Music, Vol. 2 to sell anywhere from 110,000 to 120,000 copies in its first week. Brown’s Graffiti is possibly on track to shift 95,000 (ouch!) to 110,000.

And for those choosing sides, that’s about 70,000 less than Rihanna recently sold during week one with Rated-R.


    I am in no way condoning what chris brown did, but I have lived through and seen both sides of the story. I have an older sister who constantly would go through her boyfriends phone looking for him to be cheating on her. One night she found some text messages from another girl in his phone and she went crazy! She broke his phone, started hitting him and scratching him in the face. She was crying hysterically and screaming. Her boyfriend kept trying to get away from her but she just kept following him around the house. He was my ride to cheerleading practice so thats why he didn’t leave right away.
    He eventually got tired of her hitting him in the face which had scratches on it by now. He pushed her up against the wall. We left and she called the police on him. She was so hysterical and battered looking from her crying for about an hour, her face was swollen she lied and said he hit her. I was there and that is not what happened. He got taken to jail for the evening all because she lied.
    Now I am not saying it was right of him to push her but what else was he supposed to do? What would you do?
    If you put on any old movie and watch what happens to a man when he says something “fresh” to a woman about her body. He gets slapped in the face!!!!
    As a society we have grown to accept that women can hit men because they are smaller and weaker. Um….. some women are strong and their punches really hurt!!!
    ….Im Just Sayin…

  • Lala

    Isabella, obviously there are women out there that do hit men…but sweetheart that number is so small…..any man that hits a woman is not a man at all…..I know someone who is in the hospital right now because she was beaten almost to death by her boyfriend of 3 months and even though everyone knows that it was him she is saying that it wasn’t…..I also had a friend DIE last year from a domestic violence abuse….so your “just saying” just shows how ignorant you really are….I dare you to volunteer at a domestic violence shelter and hear these women’s stories about how they were scared and could not leave or how about the infamous case of a woman getting her face shot off because her husband was abusive….obviously you need to do better research on domestic violence…JUST SAYING

  • Lala

    Oh and I also find it amusing just how dumb and uneducated Chris Brown fans are by all the posts that I am finding on websites….it is actually quite funny…I guess Chris Brown’s illiterate fans are going to be making his comeback a worthy one….I am sure they don’t even know what the word “illiterate” means…ah to live in America


    Again, I am in no way condoning domestic violence or what chris brown did. I was just sharing an experience that I witnessed that was 100% instigated and provoked by a woman. Some females feed off the drama just like my sister does. A week later she was trying to call him and get back together. The text messages were not even anything for her to blow up about. I have always been able to consider both sides to every story. I was just shining a light on a trend that has not been widely discussed now that all of this domesic violence stuff is the “in” thing to talk about.
    There is a women’s shelter in my city that my mother takes me to about once every few months to donate my old clothes to, so I do attempt to reach out to battered women in my area. I am not going to sit up here and act like I am an activist because I am not. I have seen the true cruelty that man can inflict on a woman. Have you been in a home while a Nigerian Female Circumcision is going on? I have family from Benin and it happens a lot.
    So again IM JUST SAYIN this discussion is bigger than chris brown, bigger than you and I, I was just trying to bring light to double standards and inequalities that are prevalent in our world. Yet, I am called ignorant for not getting all riled up about Rihanna and her life. She doesn’t care about you or me or this discussion. I see it everyday and thats the sad thing. People are acting like this is new.

  • Kathlyn

    Exclusive performance by Susan! Reason why we love her!!!

  • Justin Talley

    Okay i think people are taking chris browns problems way to far. I am a male myslef and ive always been taught never to hit a women and never will. But best believe if a female continuously slaps and punches a male …dont expect him not to react. Why can society accept R. Kellys apology after he molested and sexually assualted multiple young ladies. Chris brown is going to counseling… and is on probabtion. Even if he was locked up everyone would still be on his case. The boy is only 20 years old he has a lot of maturing to do but talking about him and critizing him will not make anything better. Let him learn from his mistakes and forgive.

  • meme

    All of yall need to shut the fuck up and move the hell on from this chris brown vs Rhianna shit. Mind your own damn business

  • Joyce

    Rihanna is getting a break from the media. In the report she gave police, she stated that there was an incident where she slapped him and he in return he pushed her into a wall. You will NEVER be able to tell me that she never laid a hand on Chris. Her report says that she banged her fist on the dash board while in the car. I believe Chris was the dash board. Chris probably won’t say it because it will make him seem like a punk for putting blame on a female hitting him. He is left out to dry in this whole thing and she had not taken any responsibility in this. Like one of the comments above, ihave witnessed many time where a man would walk away and the woman would follow him around and keep on hitting and yelling at him because she was outraged. I don;t see anyone telling Rihanna to take some anger management classes. She needs to; if she is stirking dash boards then what’s next? rather who?? I didn’t believe her in the DIane Sawyer interview where she said no she never hit him that night. I don’t believe her when she said she never heard the “Changed Man” song. Why lie about it? (Chris later said in another 20/20 interview that he played it for ther the day he wrote it, and that I believe). If the judge never would have givne that stay away order, she’d still be with him.

  • detorahbatie

    i got my huuby cd i didn't get rihanna cause i just don't like that she steady want to talk about the past…… Chris #1 fan Detorah Batie

    • Purwo

      / I would pay to see Ciara live. Rihanna has nice songs, but that’s it. She doesn’t have stage presence. Ciara on the other hand may not have the sales or #1 songs as Rihanna, but Ciara drvilees live. She’s also not the best vocalist, but she sings and dances in her shows. She is the better performer of the two, IMO.

  • madasshell

    dumbass just because he hit someone doesnt mean his career is over. it was a mistake. everybody get second chances in life.





  • andyskateduuude

    First of all hitting a women is NOT a mistake, he could of stopped it but he chose to keep hitting her, he could of just left her on the road and drive away . BUT he didn't, a mistake is spilling milk on your counter. So stop giving this bullshit about “mistake” because he did not make a mistake he on his own HIT RIHANNA .

  • Henry

    If your going to sit there and make fun of rihanna Have some dam respect for her and for yourself. Chris brown fans are the worse, and you guys just make him look even more worse than how he already looks. Because guess what she had him and you will never in your life get him so hop off his dick.

  • Steven

    You make chris brown look like a bigger asshole by sitting there and insulting rihanna. She has a lot of talent because is she didn't she wouldn't be a singer.

  • Steven

    Whao first of all rihanna can sing, your just jealous because u can't be with chris brown and can never get laid by him. Stop insulting a very talented person just because you can't get him to sell more than her. So much for being a fan huh ?

  • PJ

    CB=OJ. Just younger.

  • PJ

    CB=OJ. Just younger.

  • Jess

    ok let me start by saying this. When chris brown beat rhianna that was the must un-human thing a man can do, and being a mature woman she forgave him and wished him all the best. She was the one that got beat not “You People!” if she has the heart to forgive and forget yu should too, just buy the man's album as a singer, not the crazy woman beater, i honestly think she should say the same

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