Nick Jonas Names Prince As An Inspiration For His Solo Album

We’re sure there’s no disrespect meant toward Kevin and Joe’s musical abilities, but Nick Jonas is taking inspiration from someone slightly older (and shorter) than his brothers. Nick has named Prince as the main influence on his upcoming album, Who I Am. That could have something to do with the fact that Jonas’ current side project The Administration is made up of members of Prince’s New Power Generation.

Nick tells MTV News that although he’s not sure if Prince has heard his new tunes—the full album is out in February—there’s a good chance the “Raspberry Beret” singer might drop by on the band’s upcoming tour.

“We’re playing a show in Minneapolis and it will be the homecoming for all the guys in the band,” says Jonas. “And [I’m] just waiting to see if Prince is gonna show up and be sitting there, like, with a blank face on. Hopefully he likes it.”

From what we’ve heard so far, there aren’t many similarities to The Purple One—although the high-pitched wailing in track “Conspiracy Theory” suggests Nick’s been doing a little funk homework, possibly while listening to LoveSexy. Hopefully Nick won’t get too carried away with copy-catting his rock muse—all the Jonas machine needs is one of its members turning his name into a symbol or offending millions of tween fans (and their moms) with an accidentally (or not) suggestive guitar pose.

Even if Prince doesn’t count himself a fan once he hears the youngest JoBro’s songs, Nick still has some reason to celebrate: Nicky J and the A (what, we have to type out that ridiculously long band name every time?) quietly entered Billboard’s Hot 100 at #73. That might sound disappointing until you take into account that none of the Jonas Brothers’ songs have charted all that impressively, especially considering their multi-platform mega-popularity (“Burnin’ Up” peaked the highest, at #5 on the Hot 100).

Maybe now it’s time to let the Bonus Jonas have a shot at the limelight?