Britney Spears and Lady Gaga Superfans Surprisingly On The Normal Side

Dec 11th, 2009 // Comment

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Britney Spears and Lady Gaga have millions of adoring followers, but for each of the two superstars, there’s just one fan who’s batsh*t insane enough to be named fan numero uno.

MTV announced the winner of its Britney’s Biggest Fan contest, and the lucky girl is HaileyBrit (that’s her username, not her real name—at least we hope not). By the looks of HailyBrit’s swag-filled room seen in the video above, we’re guessing she’s dropped a few grand celebrating her favorite pop star’s music—not to mention Spears’ private life, too, if the piles of saved gossip rags with Trainwreck Britney on the cover are any indication. As far as superfans go, she seems a little bit obsessive (okay, that’s an understatement), but nowhere near bipolar, attention-starved territory.

As the winner of the contest, HaileyBrit received a copy of Britney’s “Ultimate Fan” edition of The Singles Collection. (Just asking: what are the odds she hadn’t already shelled out the $72?)

Team Gaga tried the fan-searching shtick, too, but the prize was better than a box set of songs her followers already own. The lucky winner scored a private meet-and-greet with the hair-bowed Grammy nominee with a pants allergy. Check out the clip of the Lady meeting her number one fan after the jump.

Janelle, from Austin, TX, won the chance to meet her idol by submitting this pretty depressing video (posted on Lady Gaga’s MySpace blog) chronicling how horrible her life’s been the last year—from broken hearts to homelessness to The Fame Kills tour being canceled.

Janelle finally meets her pop savior (with whom she apparently shares a love of Jenny Lewis), and Gaga reassures the anxious girl, “Don’t be nervous. I only bite journalists.”

We’re happy for both girls, who really seem to tastefully balance their love of their respective favorite stars with a sense of reality. We also wonder if MTV and Team Gaga purposefully avoided choosing fans who are so dedicated to following their pop gods, they literally follow them onstage and end up scaring the crap out of them.


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