Jennifer Lopez Wants You To Forget ‘Louboutins’ Ever Happened

Despite Jennifer Lopez trying to nominate “Louboutins” as the Best Song of the Decade by performing it on Ellen, So You Think You Can Dance? and the American Music Awards (where her brief tumble was more talked about than the song itself), the track is officially DOA. According to That Grape Juice, Lopez’s label has “scrapped the single in its entirety – no video, no iTunes release, no nothing. Instead, her team are deeming ‘Louboutins’ a ‘buzz single’ (sound familar?) and are gearing up for the release of an entirely new ‘first official single’ – set to be rolled out early 2010.”

It’s hardly unusual for a label to drop a track and hold off calling it an official single til they hear the public’s response. But it’s not that often that the artist performs the song multiple times on national television and then tries to slink away after the fact like it never happened.

Pretty embarrassing for a woman who used to be a regular in Billboard‘s Hot 100. Hope she already started a college fund for her twins, because this isn’t a great sign that Lopez’s upcoming Love? will be the comeback hit she was hoping for. And though the world might forget about Jenny’s louboutins (if they haven’t already), everyone still fondly remembers other, more successful fashion statements she’s made this decade.

  • The Prophet

    Sorry but I don’t think this is true. I spoke to the online marketing manager at her label and she said they were just in a meeting on Friday and no such thing was mentioned. Jennifer was also doing some radio interviews today where she was talking about the upcoming video, plus she’s performing the song on So You Think You Can Dance.

    Either the label are keeping it quiet or TGJ is making up stories again.

  • Music123

    This is not true! Jennifer talked about the video on radio today and she’s performing the song on SYTYCD Wednesday. So it’s not a buzz single.

  • Helena

    When did Idolator start using blogs with no real source as their source for stories?

  • The Prophet

    TGJ make up things all the time. They also said Mariah was leaving Def Jam lol, and then she announced her new tour and remix albums haha.

  • Mister Mikey

    This article is hilarious! Guy obviously doesn’t even know what he is talking about lol try
    Getting your facts correct before you publish them and make urself look
    Like an ass again


  • Mister Mikey

    Ps- can’t wait for the new Louboutins video

  • chachwitablog

    Whether or not this is true (the song is dead, buzz single or otherwise), it really, REALLY scares me that you’re citing That Grape Juice now.

  • Swordfish

    Freaking boring me to tears with that one. Why doesn’t she use of her better songs off her other tracks! Louboutins doesn’t have the pull in like some of her other songs that are more catchy. And please Jlo don’t fall tonight! She’s doing a diamonds are forever kinda theme but with shoes. :-) Get it Shoes! Love it. I hope she can out sing MJB. It will be a Diva war going on against Jlo and MJB.

  • Jay

    I heard MJB was out to prove she still as what it takes and she is going to put Jennifer in her place! She said Lewis was still a young and boring pup but kudos to her she acknowledge Adam Lambert as a truely up and coming big hitter. So folks who do you think will win the Diva War between MJB and JLo?