Be A Little Less Lonely On Valentine’s Day By Buying Justin Bieber-Approved Roses

It’s never too early to decide what to get the incredibly sad, tragically alone girl in your circle of pals for Valentine’s Day. And what better way to tell her that not being in a relationship and spending V-Day nursing a bottle of Jack (for the 21-and-over set, natch) and watching Never Been Kissed on cable is perfectly okay than by sending her a bouquet of roses along with a picture of tween sensation Justin Bieber?

Below are the details of Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl” romantic stems, as explained on

Surprise your favorite Justin Bieber fan with a head-turning bouquet of beautiful and unique ‘Red Intuition’ roses–personally selected by Justin for his fans–and maybe there will be one less lonely girl this Valentine’s Day.

* Rare bouquet of ‘Red Intuition’ roses, featuring large red flower heads beautifully accented with deep red streaks and swirls
* Send one dozen stunning ‘Red Intuition’ roses or double their surprise with a bouquet of two dozen roses
* Includes a special Valentine’s card from Justin Bieber
* Order now and select a delivery date between 1/12/10 and 2/12/10; the first 1,000 lucky fans that purchase this bouquet before 12/31/09 will get a Free* Justin Bieber scarf, as seen in the “One Less Lonely Girl” video.
* A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that partners with local communities to help build schools of early-stage education in developing nations

What, no lock of Bieber hair included? Every other musician’s has been up for sale at one point or another, or included in deluxe editions of their albums. Not to mention, Justin clearly has enough hair to go around.

What’s more, you can enter a sweepstakes in which the grand prize winner gets a bouquet of roses hand-delivered to them by Justin himself! That should put a smile on any single lady between the ages of zygote and 12-and-a-half.

  • MhS

    oh. god. shoot. me. now.

  • chachwitablog

    Alright. That’s it. I’ve warned you. I’ve said STOP TRYING TO MAKE JUSTIN BIEBER HAPPEN, and you haven’t listened.

    Idolator, if I see one more Justin Bieber post, I will leave this site and never come back. Right now I feel like I’m one of the only “old readers” who still comes here – or at least one of the only ones who still posts. Most gave up. They were right. But you have one chance to keep me – NEVER POST ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER AGAIN.

    Now, I may just be one person. You’ve probably already decided that I’m not worth it. Justin Bieber (WHAT THE F*** IS A JUSTIN BIEBER?!?) apparently brings in more page views than the old Idolator was getting…or something. I don’t know. But I initially tried to defend you guys. I said “give them a chance.” And now you’ve made me look stupid.

    But consider this: I check your site a lot. I told my friends that this is where I got a lot of my music news. What (extremely) little influence I may have over people, that’s gone if you make one more Justin Bieber post. I’m sure many of already made the decision not to come back, but maybe they would be salvageable if you stopped posting about Justin Bieber.

    So please, think of your future. Is it worth it, giving up one of the last regular readers you have, all for Justin Bieber? IS IT WORTH IT?



    p.s. My apologies if you’re Justin Bieber’s mom. I’m sure your son is a nice young man, I just don’t want to read about him on my music sites. Ever.

  • t.rex

    Ditto chachwitablog. Just when the Jonas Brothers are finally on the wane, up comes another one, by way of Usher. First off, f**k you Usher. F**k you with a motherf***ing stick for introducing the world to ANOTHER talentless teen sensation. We’ve had enough of them. Enough to last a thousand lifetimes. Please, for the love of God, I am begging you record labels, to stop signing artists with the intent to market them to the underage demographic. Let’s get some artists who can sing, play an instrument properly, and write songs that don’t make people over the age of 13 cringe with embarrassment. And why is it that Canada seems to be the worst in exporting musical acts? Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, and now this. Oh, there are more, but I won’t go there. Nelly Furtado is the only I can tolerate. Ugh, I now personally believe that no one under the age of 20 should get a recording deal. Because look what we get. These cheesy, teenybopper acts that win the overall public’s approval for being good role models instead of displaying any actual musical talent. I mean, look at Taylor Swift, for example. Anytime you point out to a fan that she’s a terrible singer, they answer back with “Well at least she’s good role model to look up to, unlike Miley Cyrus!” Who cares if they’re good role models or not? That is not something that makes a difference when I listen to their awful voices mixed with the awful music. I guess artists like Elvis, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and countless others would’ve never made it in today’s world, based on that logic. Wake up people, wake up and smell the coffee.

  • dusen

    So long Chachwitablog…it was nice knowing you.

    I admire your stance but one little guy simply can’t compete against the unstoppable force of Bieber-Nation.


    ps: Becky and Robbie, do you actually get a jump in hit rates by posting Bieber-related news? I just wonder because unlike when you post Adam Lambert/Susan Boyle/Lady Gaga updates, when it is JB related the comments section is usually dead (other than the odd “What the Fuck is a Justin Bieber?” comment).

    In all honesty, maybe a JB moratorium is the best course, since you’re pissing off your loyal readers, and not seeming to generate any new ones via those posts.

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