Ke$ha Sheds Some Light On ‘Fireflies’ By Pranking Owl City

Dr. Luke protege and upcoming Lilith Fair performer Ke$ha has been steadily continuing her wave of raunchy pop terror, and even amped it up a bit at a House Of Blues gig in Houston on Monday, where the 22-year-old singer shared a bill with Adam Young (aka Owl City).

As Young was in the middle of performing his ever present mega-hit “Fireflies,” Ke$ha and two of her band mates hopped on stage—decked out as, uh, fireflies—and proceeded to jiggle around behind him. That’s certainly one way to jazz up a song that even Owl City fans have probably had their fill of.

Was Adam in on the joke? It doesn’t look like it. He seemed amused, nonetheless. Catch Ke$ha pranking Owl City below.


  • Junk, Junk

    Where’s an industrial-strength bug (or pussy) zapper when you need one? For Owl City, of course!

  • Robbie Daw

    @Junk, Junk: Ke$ha probably has one on her somewhere.

  • Owl City lover

    if Adam Young was irritated by her, I would kick her of the stage.