Kelly Clarkson’s Next Album Will Sound Like Garbage And Muse (Or Not)

Dec 16th, 2009 // 8 Comments

So which American Idol winner performed at your office Christmas party? Chances are it wasn’t Kelly Clarkson—unless you’re employed by Atlanta’s Q100-FM station.

In addition to belting out some of her hits for the Q100 clockwatchers recently, Clarkson also let slip some info about her next album, which she’s already cracking away at.

“We’re already working on it but it’s probably not going to hit until, like, the fourth quarter of next year—around Christmas next year,” she told the station. “There’s still some, like, singer/songwriter stuff [on the album], but there’s… I don’t know. It’s almost like Garbage-meets-pop-meets-Muse. It’s a little different.”

Oooh, Garbage—our lives really have sucked without them. Considering that the website for the long dormant four-piece band has only been updated three times since 2007, it’d be swell to hear sultry Shirley Manson-type snarling atop some sexy beats once again.

“I don’t know how it’s going to end up. Who knows?” Kelly warns, however. “It always ends up being something completely different.”

Hmmm. “Completely different” from Muse and Garbage has us thinking Ryan Tedder, who told Idolator last week, “[Kelly's] attorney or somebody from her camp told somebody from my camp that she’s willing to work with me again… if we work together in the future, then I will be a happy camper about it and let bygones be bygones.”

At any rate, Clarkson may have another Grammy propped up on her bookshelf by the time her fifth studio album—whatever it’s going to sound like—finally surfaces, as All I Ever Wanted was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album earlier this month.


  1. sassy

    I love everything that Kelly puts out. I cannot wait until her newest album debuts. I always buy it on the first day of release. She is amazing!!!

  2. All I Ever Boinked

    I know how this is going to end! Kelly is always so lovely to collaborate with, isn't she, American Idol? No? Ryan Tedder? Justin Guarini? Clive Davis? Um, anyone?

  3. t.rex

    She knows Muse? Oh, bless her heart!

  4. Stop hating T. Rex!

    Kelly is the best.

  5. t.rex

    @ The Prophet: Did I say anything bad about Kelly? I was giving her props for her taste in music. Muse is a great band that is huge everywhere except the US. The fact that Kelly, who's American, knows who Muse is and likes them enough to be influenced by them impresses me. Please explain to me how that is “hating”.

  6. great vocals as ever! only haters cringe and they will be forever like that :D

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  8. I just want the whole entire world to know that I love Kelly Clarkson’s music with all my heart and soul, and I want o spend the rest of my life listening to it because her music has been the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since she was chosen to be the first American Idol back in 2002 (that was also the same year that I graduated from High School). I would be lost forever if she ever decides to stop making music because making music is what she lives for, and that was one of the main reasons why I fell deeply in love with her and her music in the first place. She is one of my most favorite female Pop music artists and songwriters in the music industry, and I’m also one of her most biggest fans who was born and raised over here in the United States of America. I will always guard and protect Kelly and her music in every way I can from all of those haters out there because not only that she seems to be very friendly and down to earth, also because her music inspires me in so many ways. She has an amazing singing voice that was given to her as a very special gift from God, and nobody could ever take that away from her no matter what because it comes very natural for her. I also want the whole entire world to know that I honestly do think that Kelly looks a lot more prettier than my wife, Ashley. I really wish that I was married to her instead of being married to Ashley so that we could journey in heaven together as husband and wife. I would also like to have 6 children with her, just like The Brady Bunch. I have all 4 of her previous albums, and I can’t wait until she releases her new upcoming album nex year in 2011 because I really want to buy it. I’m pretty sure that her new upcoming album will sound as good as all of her previous albums do, and I’m also pretty sure that the album will sell a lot more than 1 million copies over here in the United States of America and worldwide because I truly believe that she has a lot of fans all over the world who really enjoys listening to her music as much as I do. I would often daydream about meeting her in person and singing a duet along with her in one of her albums because I also truly believe that it is my destiny to do so. She is every woman to me who will always touch my heart and soul when it comes to her music, and I could never ask for anything more because I’m very thankful that she is still making music. End of story.

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