Welcome To The New Idolator

Dec 17th, 2009 // 22 Comments

Welcome to the new Idolator.

In addition to the design update, we’ve made a raft of improvements to the site. You’ll still find the latest MP3s and videos, along with pop and pop culture news (and gossip!).  But we’ve also added some new editorial and technical features that we think you’ll like. See full details below.

First, we’ve reorganized Idolator to make finding the content you care about easier.

What we really live for: delivering the most compelling songs from today’s hottest artists, rising stars, left-field prospects and new discoveries. Come here to hear a stream or download an MP3. This section also includes posts from certain previous categories, including ‘Listening Station.’

New! We’ve been dying to introduce photo galleries to add a new dimension to our coverage, and we’re excited to start bringing you the latest pics, snazzy photo packages, and special coverage of whatever Muppet Lady Gaga decides to wear next.

Because why should Vevo have all the fun? Click here to find music videos, commercials and other eye candy set to music. This section includes posts from certain previous categories, including ‘Videodrone.’

You love lists. We love lists. So come here to find Top 10s, Best-Ofs, Worst-Ofs, and our take on everyone else’s lists too.

New! If it’s quirky, unusual, goofy or involves Bill O’Reilly cursing, you’ll find it here.

Here are some of the other new/improved features you’ll find:

Now in Rotation
Across the top of every page you’ll see a carousel of the latest, greatest and best Idolator content – stories, galleries, videos, interviews.

Pretty obvious, right? Check that spot for whatever we think is the one post you really need to see that day. One day it might be an installment of a new column, the next it might be a leak from Detox. Hey, it’s possible.

Most Popular
Keep an eye on this handy box to see which posts are generating the most heat among your fellow readers.

Pop or Poop
Our daily poll where you get to vote on a hot or recent topic. Is it pop, or is it poop? You decide.

Streamlined, improved commenting
We’ve partnered with DisQus to bring you a robust new commenting interface. You can comment on blog posts and photo galleries using your existing Idolator login – or your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or DisQus logins. Or, comment as a Guest without having to log in at all! You can also subscribe to comments.

Full disclosure: If you’re reading this the first few days of our re-launch, you might experience a few hiccups as we deploy the new site and migrate years worth of content over to our new system. The hiccups may manifest themselves in a few ways:

As we move to a new and improved commenting system (see above), it may take a few days for all the old comments on existing posts to be ported over. While older comments may not appear initially, they will eventually make their way back on to the site.

General site wonkiness
Moving to a new content management system and changing the design of a site like Idolator.com involves a lot of sophisticated Intraweb computing work, what with the Fetzer valves, flux capacitors, and ball bearings – lots and lots of ball bearings. So, you may or may not experience general site wonkiness, including but not limited to broken pages, 404s, slow page loads, hordes of locusts, and solar eclipses. Rest assured, we will be working to quickly correct any issues. You can help us out by sending email to contact@idolator.com with any issues you see.

So, enjoy the new Idolator, and if you have feedback or are having any issues with the new site, send us an email at contact@idolator.com. And as always, send us news tips at tips@idolator.com.

The Idolator Team


  1. CanadianBill

    Susan Boyle is a bonafide Star and will be around for as long as she cares to be – at least that's how I voted. It would be nice if you'd use a recent photo – there are so many beautiful ones to choose from, instead of one that predates her professional career. Too lazy to find one?

  2. insideoutbox says so long

    oh. my. god. i guess this was inevitable. oh well.

  3. goodbye idolator!

    If Joe Lieberman was a website, this would be it. This decade can't be over soon enough.

  4. robotjukebox

    i suppose this was bound to happen. so much for my favorite music blog!

  5. JamesE

    OMG EVERYTHING NEW IS TERRIBLE!! Jesus, people lighten up, it's not like you, y'know, PAY to come here or something.

    Let's see how it goes.

  6. too easy

    It is poop!

  7. menyc

    It's hideous. And I am qualified to judge.

    As far as the very hated Idolator 2.0:
    I feel pretty sorry for these writers.
    Well, not if they are actually above the age of 17.

    The real culprit here is Nick Denton, I suppose.
    Whose idea was this direction?
    It's all pretty sad really.

  8. silverfuture

    Lists? LISTS? Everyone loves lists? No. Only lazy writers love lists.

  9. Oh WOW my words have come back to haunt me, few weeks ago I said the site seemed like it was becoming some iteration of Just Jared and Ill be damned, here we are. Mainstream, cliche, commercialized garbage.



  11. Nice post here. It does make senses, appreciate for sharing.

  12. dsven

    Just when I was getting used to/not exactly hating Idolator 2.0, here comes yet another upgrade…and not for the better.

    I give up. And officially sign off, never to return. I'll always have the memories of Idolator circa 2006-08.

  13. jukevox

    wow. Idolator just had a lobotomy. Welcome to the newer, blander music journalism.

  14. also Canadian Elizabeth

    Hi Bill. I run a music blog and have to weigh in to say that the pics of Boyle available on photo providers for LEGAL use are actually very limited.

  15. I started my own music website so I'd have a good music website to read. Bye, Idolator.

  16. brian

    lazy writers looking for traffic bumps.

  17. freemaneric

    idolator's been going downhill for a while now. thanks for giving me the excuse to finally push it over the edge.

    @ dsven – well said.
    @ JamesE – Bad is bad, free or not.


  18. AnonymousFormerIdolatrix

    They don't care if anyone enjoys their “features”. Fucking BOO and for shame, assholes, I hope you're proud of what you stand for, the triumph of hit-quantity of content quality. Bully for you.

  19. summeroflove

    wtf indeed, idolator……wtf indeed.

  20. el_polacko

    how about bringing back the OLD idolator that wasn't just a teenybopper fanzine ?!
    i miss the free downloads of rare, unusual, unknown, and adventurous music.
    we can read about lady caca and some tired rappers at a million other sites, we don't need another one..with or without a 'new design'.

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