Jessica Simpson: The World’s Worst Menorah

Dec 21st, 2009 // 9 Comments

Jessica Simpson has been gone from television juuuust long enough for us to miss her a little. We’re not so sure her upcoming feel-good VH1 reality show Price of Beauty will even come close to rivaling the pop-culture phenom/pull-quote machine that was Newlyweds. But if it includes anything as entertaining as Jessica Simpson using an ear candle, we’ll give it a chance. Check below to see video (tweeted by Jess herself) of the failed country star trying out her practical ear-cleaning Christmas gift from BFF hairdresser Ken Paves.

Just in case you think Jess is crazy for sticking a candle in her head, this practice is known to help get rid of excess wax in your ear that may cause you not to hear properly. Which may be why Jessica’s last album wasn’t so great.

And that’s sure a nice, down-to-earth touch with the Papa Johns pizza box protecter. Stay classy, Simpsons.


  1. aadam aziz ansari

    revmatt is right. It's pseudo-scientific at best.

  2. BLAR

    Ear candling is a sham. The candle is coated with wax. As it burns, the wax crumbles off and collects inside it. Nothing is drawn out of the ear. If you stick an ear candle in a jar or whatever and burn it, it'll fill up with the same wax it would if you stuck it in your ear. Doesn't work, period. “Pseudo-scientific” is too kind; it's scientarded.

  3. I've engaged in ear candling for quite some time. It doesn't take much to realize that they don't actually suck wax out of your ear, that would be just preposterous. Ear candles provide more of a peaceful soothing effect, which is what I'd expect from my spa treatments.

    BTW, most ear candling companies explain that ear candles don't suck out wax right on their website (Wally's Natural Products).

  4. jenn

    yeah john, she sure looks soothed

  5. Becky

    People really just need to understand the facts. Check out these sites where I have gotten my information:

  6. Becky

    No matter what your take is on ear candling, you have to check out this video. A parody on jessica simspon’s ear candling video.

  7. It will be good if Jessica Simpson has found love this time with Jeremy Renner. She deserves to get a new man in her life.

  8. Jessica Simpson is moaning that she has a wrinkle! I wish I had a dollar for each one of mine :-)

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