Beyonce’s ‘Black Culture’ Leaks

Is Beyonce feeling nostalgic? First she picks “Fever,” the sultry tune popularized by Peggy Lee in 1958, as the theme for her first-ever fragrance. Now we hear a previously unreleased party jam, “Black Culture,” built on a sample of a very prominent 30-year-old hit.

So far there’s no real indication of the song’s vintage, but it samples Michael Jackson’s 1979 classic “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” and contains such seemingly hastily-cobbled-together lyrics as “let’s hook up, when we start we won’t stop, baby don’t stop, c’mon give me some of that stuff.”

Sure, “Black Culture” likely wouldn’t have sent any more Grammy nominations Beyonce’s way, but it’s still a fun listen. Give it a spin below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Beyonce - Black Culture" dl="0"]

  • SFSR

    I like it! It's fun song! I love her singing style on this!

  • MG

    2 thumbs up!

  • Sexybabe

    … Because we all know Beyonce is black and proud…

    love the long blonde hair too…

  • Thato

    Absolute crap! She all but butchered a perfectly good Michael Jackson song by sampling it to begin with. This lady needs to just sit her ass down, life without Matthew Knowles is tough it seems.

  • Reed Dainack

    Does everyone think Lady Gaga is a good singer?

  • Shason Briscoe

    It was unreleased calm down