Jason Derulo’s ‘Sleep Walkin’ Leaks — Will You Stay Awake For The Album?

Dec 28th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Last time we spoke to Jason Derulo, he told us he and producer J.R. Rotem wrote literally hundreds of songs for his upcoming debut album, and though it will be tough for him to surpass the success of “Whatcha Say,” he deserves at least one more shot. Will his next track be the one to wake people up to his talents? Check out the leaked track “Sleep Walkin’” after the jump.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Jason-Derulo-Sleep-Walkin_.mp3" text="Jason Derulo - Sleep Walkin'"]

With “In My Head” off to a sluggish start, “Sleep Walkin” may be his next best bet for chart success. Sure, it’s a fairly standard R&B track, but the catchy hook and Jason’s velvety voice (which is unnecessarily chopped up in the vocal treatments here) may yet add up to make it a perfect fit for radio. And it’s nice finally hearing Jason sing without focusing on the brilliant song he’s sampling instead.

Surely he’s got at least one more big hit in that pile of hundreds. Because it would be silly to give all your best material to other people, right?


  1. Rontron

    It sounds too similar to Whatcha Say in my opinion.

  2. steph

    I love In my head and Watcha say so i reckon this sleep walkin will be just as good .x

  3. Aaron

    “In My Head” off to a sluggish start? Did that just sound nice when you wrote it even though it's not grounded in any kind of reality? Since “Whatcha Say” is still Top 5 at radio and the new single “In My Head” is already #35 and climbing and reaching nearly 9+ million in audience and in rotation at 100+ U.S. radio stations, I beg to differ. And let's not forget the exposure he's getting now that he was moved up to main support for the Lady GaGa tour.

  4. SnakeArrow

    Didn't “In My Head” just drop to #70 on the Hot 100?

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