New Yorkers Win A Free Show With Adam Lambert, Kris Allen And Allison Iraheta

Dec 29th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Congrats to all the glam-rock/easy-listening music fans in the Big Apple: the winning city of Ryan Seacrest’s Ryan, Rock My Town contest is New York. NYC residents put in the most requests on Seacrest’s website, and now they get a free show with performances by the three Idol alum. Kris Allen’s hometown of Little Rock came in second place and Allison Iraheta’s home city of Los Angeles came in third. As for Adam Lambert’s hometown of San Diego? 10th place. But then, Adam had recently tweeted that he’d love to perform in the Big Apple—perhaps he’s more interested in playing the biggest possible stage than he is in visiting the old homestead.


  1. mermaidldady

    thanks for coming to my defense!!! Yes, it is Adam….Kris's album is a fail.

  2. Alexandra

    I am happy that New York is hosting the concert. But to be honest I don't care to watch Kris Allen. At the AI tour in NJ people were walking out after Adam set was over. I did stay and watch but he was a dull and average. It was hard to follow after Adam and I felt sorry for him. After the show I took my kids outside for the meet and greet and Adam never came out and it was a big disappointment but Kris did come out but behaved oddly. Never gave anyone eye contact. It was very strange to me. Adam is amazing and cant wait to see him on a solo tour.

  3. 123Dogwalker

    His album has sold over 353,000 in less than 4 weeks, how is his album a huge failure? How many has Allen sold? How many has Allison sold?

  4. 123Dogwalker

    Becky Bain you fail your reporter 101 class. Get the facts right before you send trash to your editor. You need to print a retraction to your article. Plus if you search record sales you will see Adam Lambert has out sold both Allen and Allison. Not to mention Adam tweeted to the fans he would like to play at NY so all Glamberts were notified of this request and went on line and voted. It was legal. I live in Tucson and voted NY. I can't win tickets because I don't live 50 miles from there but that's how it went down. Your blatant hatred for Adam isn't well hidden either.

  5. Becky, you should do your self a favor and never again write about Season Eight of American Idol. You seem to have no intention of telling the truth and I can assure you of this, you will not misrepresent Adam Lambert and getaway with it. There are a lot of fans including myself that are just damn mad about what went on in Arkansas. I had to write a book to explain all of the crooked things they did to bring in the win for Kris. (I am finishing my editing this week.) I agree with the post that said Adam’s fans did not want to have to schlep to Arkansas. We were not going to let Adam have to go there and play second fiddle to Kris when they already stole his win. The fact that you have not corrected this story after all of these hours shows what a biased and insincere writer you are. You can have a bias and tell the truth, but that is certainly not what you have done. Writers like you will learn that Adam’s fans are a force to be reckoned with.

  6. Stephanie

    Adam Lambert fans are sooo aggressive (to a ridiculous degree). It makes me laugh hehe.

  7. glamfan

    OMG you just don't get it. First of all, Adam's “home town” is L.A.- he's been living there for almost 10 years- all of his adult life. L.A. came in third. Second, New York is like a second “home town” for Adam. That's where theater lives, that's where style is showcased, it's where open minded liberal music lovers reside. So, really, Adam won this one, too. Do you think New Yorkers voted for Kris Allen? Not so much.

  8. LeMarie

    So agree Stephanie, they're worse than the Claymates ever thought to be. I see Kerry (the ambulance chaser) managed to find her way here. Gee Kerry, no cut and paste word by word this time!!!!

  9. Virginia

    Adam will always be TOPS, in my book! Kris and the rest, well, they're them. But Adam, that's another story. He's a superstar!! He's got it all plus the town. So rock on Adam and do your stuff.

    LOVE YA!!!

  10. snowqueen

    It would be nice if they televised this concert. I would really love to see the three of them perform together again. Since we are being robbed of bringing in the New Year with Adam this would be a good chance for ShameOnYouABC to gain back thousands of viewers. So they need to step-up to the plate or say goodbye to Adam's fans. Adam, Kris and Allison have great chemistry together. If they can't televise this, then maybe they can organize a tv special for the not too distant future. This would give all three of them great exposure for the albums they just put out. People need to hear their songs. Out of site is out of mind. I also think alot of people are judging Adam's cd by his cover. I have heard comments in different stores to that effect. If they get a chance to see how spectacular his cd is, I know they would free their minds and want to buy it.

  11. cherlyn1

    Adam Lambert wanted New York. He got New York. Once again he doesn't come out on top? Not sure about that comment. He's now sold 358,000 cd's in 5 weeks. Adam has no wish to be compared to Kris or Allison. They are his friends. Remember? If not, Fox is running AI Season 8 again starting on Fri. 1/1/10 at 9 am. Adam will appear at 1/1/10 at 1 PM with his audition. It continues thru 1/10/10. This will remind everyone what a special season this really was for all of them! Happy New Year. :)

  12. jenny555

    That is the most ridiculous an uninformed comment yet. All Adam fans knew we had to pick ONE city to beat Little Rock. We CHOOSE NYC because it was neutral! Not home to either of the three. Adam also tweeted – “Love to do Rock Your Town in NY.” It was a strategy. Most of Adam's fans, from other cities, changed their vote to NYC. Could you be less informed.

  13. jenny555

    Won't come to this site again, when you don't tell the truth and or do any research. All Adam fans knew that to beat Little Rock we had to pick only 1 city, and not divide up our vote, thereby allowing Little Rock to win. We all choose NYC. All of Adam's fans, who originally had voted for another city, changed their vote to NY. Adam even tipped us off by tweeting – Love to do Rock My Town in NYC, and we got it for him. Didn't want to pick a city that was home to any of them, and knew our best shot was NY. Get your facts staight and stop letting your bias show. Are you an actual journalist? Also, Adam has sold 465,000 cds in 4 weeks. It took Kris 6 weeks just to match Adam's first week of 200,000. Why do people on web sites think they can get away with distortions, bias, and lies?

  14. riannagray

    Well, It doesn't surprise me that you wouldn't know that Adam's fans from all over were voting for NYC when once again it became apparent that Ark was up to their old tricks again. The Big Apple is much easier to get to for alot of Adam's fans that live in the tri-state area than Little Rock and alot more fun. Let's face it NYC is a better choice for all three of them when it comes to exposure and will certainly draw a larger crowd. Adam really isn't tied to San Diego as much as he is LA since that is where he lives and has lived for the last nine years. Fact is, your facts are way off just fyi.

  15. DD

    I voted for New York (I live in California) because Adam asked me to. If I can get a ticket, I will go to New York to see Adam perform – he's on top for me!

  16. Lika

    Becky Bain… Becky Bain…

    Are you really that ignorant????????? Do you do absolutely no research before writing such rubbish? Epic FAIL!

    The concert IS in NYC because Adam Lambert ASKED us for it. We gave him his wish to perform in NYC in return for ALL he has given us.

    I live in Dallas but I also voted for NYC – see how that works? The fact that San Diego came in at 10th just proves his hometown fans are more devoted to him than ever. In other words (with your inability to understand in mind) they gave their votes to NYC because that would be better for Adam and it IS what he wanted.

    With your seeming quirky thought process, Becky Bain, you'll probably deduce we're all mindless followers – That's not so. There is something else at work here besides giving “our” idol what he deserves. That is, we are determined to never again let those swindlers from Arkansas rob Adam again. Get it?

  17. terie

    I had voted for NYC because I felt that it was a GREAT launching pad for ADAM & Kris & Allison for their first combined GIG since Idol. I started voting way before ADAM tweeted anything. I can't attend the concert even if I lived there (I don't … I'm from Buffao) but I felt it was also a FUN city with a lot of things to see & do for those who were able to spend the time. I also hoped that it would be at MSG where ADAM I know would LOVE to perform. Last reason … Little Rock can't compare to all the above reasons. We didn't cheat … we just played SANTA for these three TALENTED kids. GOOD LUCK Kradison!

  18. Eve

    I'm from the Philippines and my favorite of the three is Kris Allen. My cousins who are living in LA voted for Kris. But we also like Adam and Allison. It really didn't matter to us where they performed as long as they did the show together (we couldn't go), it will be in YouTube anyway. Congratulations to all the New Yorkers! I'm sure they had a great time.

  19. aristocrat2

    It's so pathetic that Adam fans think they rule the world.

  20. jackson

    Oh yes he is :)

  21. therealdbuck

    I understand that Adam has out sold Kris & Allison combined so far, but I don't understand why America hasn't got behind Kris & Allison as well. In my opinion, with all do respect, Kris & Allison are just as talented as Adam. And to be honest, the only reason Adam has so many more fans than Kris & Allison is because all of the little teeny boppers around the country fell in love with Adam. Teenage girls & twenty something year olds are who mainly vote on that show & watch that show. If their are 2 or 3 “cute” guys, the female contestants don't stand a chance, regardless or their performances. This was exactly what happened to Allison. To be honest, I enjoyed all 3 of them during the compitition. I thought all 3 were awesome! It was the best season of American Idol talent wise I have ever watched. I have listened to all 3 debut albums from Adam, Kris, & Allison & I must say, being completely unbiased, that Allison's is the best of the 3. In fact, Allison's may be the best debut album from any past American Idol contestant I've ever heard. It is pop/rock. She is comparable to Kelly Clarkson, Pink, & even past artists like Pat Benatar, Lita Ford, & Janis Joplin. Unfortunately, Allison has a few things not working in her favor, regardless how awesome her album is. Number 1, unfortunately pop/rock & rock music in general has seemed to have died over the past span of 5 to 10 years. All we ever hear on the damn radio is this shorty shorty, baby mama's hip hop CRAP! Allison, thankfully I might add, clearly isn't in that genre of music(if you can call that music). Number 2, like I mentioned earlier, Allison isn't a “cute guy”. She doesn't have a dick. Number 3, & please understand, I am not a racist at all, she is a young hispanic girl. I personally love hispanic girls, but that's another story. Unfortunately, there isn't a huge market out there for young female hispanic rock or pop/rock singers. Number 4, there aren't enough men or teenage boys who watch American Idol to somewhat counteract the heavy female voting for the “cute guy contestants”. So naturally, it is very easy for someone like Adam to develop a gigantic fan base on American Idol given the demographics who watch the show. It is hard for someone like Allison, despite how talented she is, to develop a huge fan base because she had to go up against the cute guy epidimic on American Idol. You people out there know this to be true & don't pretend like you don't. Allison had a HUGE disadvantage. I for one think she is just as talented as Allison & if the damn radio stations would just give her music a freakin' chance, I think she could be atleast eventually just as successful as Adam & other past successful American Idol contestants. Number 5, Allison's record company, Jive, has not done a very good job in marketing or pushing Allison in my opinion. They need to get far more aggressive!

  22. Blondiegrrl

    You are dead wrong in your teenybopper assumption. Adam is outselling Kris and Allison for two reasons: 1. He is the most talented of the three, and 2. He gathered the widest age demographic of fans who were non-Idol viewers. I know of many people who started watching Idol JUST to see Adam, because they had heard how good he was and they were curious. The other Idols' fanbases were composed solely of Idol viewers.
    I do think Allison is very talented as well, and in my opinion she should have finished in second place, with Adam as the winner. I've listened to her album and I think it's pretty good. I did download four songs from it. But overall the songs sound too much alike and there aren't any real standouts, so it just doesn't hold up as well as Adam's.

  23. Lyss

    Honestly, as an Australian Kradison fan, I didn't even care where they ended up, as long as there is media coverage of some sort.

    Firstly, LA is Adam's current hometown, as he's often said. Yes, San Diego is where he grew up, but LA is where he's been living for the past 9 years.
    Secondly, why is it such a 'horror' to have Adam (and Alli) go to Kris' hometown? They've been there before, and he's been to theirs many more times. Why not rule out hometowns altogether and have it in a completely neutral city?
    Thirdly, yes Adam did tweet that he wouldn't mind playing NYC, though he did so with only, what, hours of the competition left? It was almost inevitable that NYC was going to win. I am fairly sure that Alli didn't even comment on her preference.
    And lastly, to me they were the top three, despite not being the 'final three'. (No offence in the least to Danny fans.)

    All in all, I'm so happy these three are doing this concert. The three of them went through the whole Idol experience together and became good friends, and I love to see their relationships with each other.

    Maybe everyone should stop whining and focus on the fact that we are getting another concert from these three amazing artists. (And I am ecstatic that Alli gets to do this. Girl is crazy amazing and deserves way more promotion than she's been getting.)

  24. therealdbuck

    I completely agree! I don't understand why Allison isn't getting way more promotion. She has so much talent & it's like the media doesn't even care. All they want is a battle between Adam & Kris. Allison is getting a very raw deal in my opinion. Jive has not done a good job in my opinion of marketing her or giving her that push. It is realy ashame because I honestly believe she could be the next Kelly Clarkson, or Pink, or Pat Benatar very easily. I even think she could possibly be better. I'm tired of her being compared with Adam & Kris to simply because, it's really apples & oranges. She should be compared to other female artists. If the media or Jive or the radio stations, or MTV & VH1 would just give her music a chance, I know she would become a very big star. It's almost as if that nobody cares though & it is really sad.

  25. therealdbuck

    Well, I respectfully have to disagree with you about Adam being more talented than Allison. I think they are very equally talented. Adam just happens to be more popular obviously. And you can't tell me that the main demographic that watches American Idol is not women. More womed watch American Idol than men. Because of that, there is no doubt in my mind that the reason Allison didn't make the final 2 is because there were too many women voters out there voting for the “cute guys”. If somebody in the music industry besides Jive, mainly referring to the top 40 stations, pop rock stations, MTV, & Vh1, etc, would just give Allison's music a shot, I guarantee you she is going to become BIGTIME! She will be very much like a Kelly Clarkson or Pink. Mark my words. I'm not saying she'll ever be more popular than Adam or bigger than Adam, but somebody out there(Jive) is missing the boat on Allison. I think she is arguably Jive's best young talent just waiting to explode if Jive would promote her more.

  26. Blondiegrrl

    Using that logic, then how would you explain previous female winners? There were lots of “cute guys” who came in second to to women. (Jordin Sparks over Blake Lewis?) Like I said, Allison should have been in second place, and Adam in first. She's got a terrific voice, but she doesn't quite have his range or stage presence. I think she's loads better than Kris or Danny, though.

  27. therealdbuck

    Okay! Justin Guarini (however you spell it). He wasn't cute. There wasn't a cute guy to challenge Kelly Clarkson. Who finished second to Fantasia? I can't remember it being a cute guy. Carrie Underwood won season 4, but did anyone outside of rocker chicks think Bo Bice was cute? I don't believe Blake Lewis was all that cute. My point is is that the seasons a female has won, there really hasn't been any standout “cute guys” to challenge them.

  28. Sherrie

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