The Elusive Lady Gaga/Midway State ‘Don’t Give Up’ Video Surfaces

Last month, ’twas the season for Lady Gaga song leaks. But just because we tacked up a new calendar, why should that change? In 2009, the scantily-clad singer recorded a version of the Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush classic “Don’t Give Up” with Nathan Ferraro, frontman of MuchMusic Video Award winners Midway State.

Unfortunately for those two, some naughty bugger leaked the updated “Don’t Give Up” online last summer. The video, however, remained under wraps—until some other naughty bugger leaked it on New Year’s Day. Though the Gaga/Ferraro clip has been yanked down from virtually everywhere, you can have a look-see at it below. (Just do it fast, before the clip disappears again!)

Once their cover of “Don’t Give Up” leaked last June, Lady Gaga told Spinner, “It was really exciting doing that collaboration with Nathan. I love that song so much. I really let Midway State take the lead. I wanted it to be more pop—something that young people would hear and learn something about Kate Bush.”

Learn something about Kate Bush right here, by watching the original vid of “Don’t Give Up”:

  • t.rex

    “I wanted it to be more pop—something that young people would hear and learn something about Kate Bush.”

    In other words, “I wanted to dumb it down so my dumb fans would get it”. No, seriously, this cover ain't bad. It's better than I expected it to be. It gets a pass. It almost reminds me of Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera's duet, “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely”. BTW, this is the second time Don't Give Up has been covered. Alicia Keys and Bono covered the song.

  • chuckieinlove

    I love this version. The original is beautiful and almost other worldly. Who can sign like Kate Bush? Her voice is so high, she sounds like an angel. Lady Gaga – with a clear beautiful voice – sings it much lower. She also adds expressiveness. Call it pop, but I like it. Making it more accessible – and singable – enhances it, in my opinion, by bringing more people to the song. Ferraro does a great job. Their hugging seems genuine and heartfelt. Beautifully done all around, in my opinion. The graphics were a bit more than I would have done, but then again no one has ever asked me to be an art director.

  • Angie

    It's good, can't beat Gabriel and Bush so I have issues when there are re-makes that aren't BETTER than the original…think of Bryan Adams' “Heaven”…that song was destroyed as a remake.

  • kenni

    AWESOME! im a keen fan of all of the above!..this is absolutely AWESOME! well done, you have done the song and its writers proud…thank you!

  • me

    waaaay too polished over produced K'vitshing