‘Marie Claire’ Says Christina Aguilera’s New Album Is ‘Bionic’

You might be forgiven for actually forgetting that Christina Aguilera is still a player in the Rihanna/Gaga/Ke$ha-dominated pop game. Hell, even Britney Spears has put out two album since Xtina’s last studio LP, Back To Basics.

That said, Aguilera graces the February cover of Marie Claire. The article mentions that her new album, which is scheduled to be released in March, is titled Bionic.

As for tunes on Christina’s upcoming opus, there’s “Glam,” described by the writer as a “poppy, hip hop-inflected throwback to Madonna’s ‘Vogue’.” There are also three ballads she co-wrote with Australian “You’ve Changed” singer Sia—including one titled “Lullaby”—and the album’s “electronic” title track, “Bionic.” (Here’s hoping some of those collaborations with Goldfrapp actually made the cut!)

So has pop music moved on during the four years Aguilera has remained somewhat quiet, professionally? (And, yes, we’re well aware there was an exclusive-to-Target greatest hits collection out last year!) Either way, if things don’t pan out with Bionic, she’ll also be splashed across the big screen in Burlesque, an upcoming movie musical that features Cher and Stanley Tucci.


  • Brandon

    The thing I don't quite understand, is when Christina was very relevant to begin with? She's had, what, three or four notable hits? I'm not even sure why she released a “Greatest Hits Album” last year. No wonder it didn't do very well.

  • davr

    Rihanna? Didn't her latest album flop?

  • Anon

    Brandon – she has four #1 singles, four grammys, and has sold 16 million albums in the U.S. – with only three studio albums in that span. Few artists have done so much, and she's actually taken her time to do it instead of cramming albums down our throats in order to “stay relevant” like everyone else. For comparison, Christina has as many top twenty and top ten hits as Britney, and Christina has one more #1. Britney has sold more albums, but she's also released more, and Christina has sold more albums than most artists today.

    I'd say she's proven herself.

  • http://youtube.com/rajibdavid RajibDavid

    She doesn't need to release one albums each year to be proven relevant. She always takes risks and that's what real artist do. This album is gonna be amazing as always!

  • nicholas

    thats why i love her, she's not afraid to take risk, whether she dont sell alot of record i appreciate her

  • crispy

    So those creepy viral videos going around today are probably not her then?

  • mary may

    I will be buying a copy or two of her album BIONIC ( out march or april 2010), and I hope the rest of her fans do to.
    The thing with all those other artists, aside from alicia keys and missy elliot, is that they are all alike. There is no other Christina, her voice stands alone. And anyone with some talent can imitate any other female artist out there right now. Sorry, but true.

  • Jah Jah

    Wow really? Anon is reatarded. Bitney kicks christina ass in number ones and chart toppers. UR on the interent go look! IDIOT! And im a huge fan of christina, have all her cds! has anyone heard this cd? OMG its aweful! I literally threw it on my window in the freeway. How can someone wit so much talent release a cd like that? Seriously tho, her last cd sucked and back to basics was lacking as well. Looks like the fall of xtina and honestly im ok with that. From now on i am never buying her music every again, and xtina if ur reading this UR CD IS AN EMBARASSMENT TO UR TALENT!

  • Jah Jah

    Xtina song “you lost me” she says… “i feel like our world is being infected.” Ya, that beasue this crap is out and we have to listen to it! The only thing infected now are my ears. Honestly this cd sucks just like that last few. I cant believe she waits so long to release cds and when she does it like she threw them together! Really??? ugh! want to see some talent then pick up a copy to the Charice cd…. there is someone that can sing and wants to, unlike xtina who thinks farting in a microhpone for an hr makes a cd….. wow sad she is and i have no mre respect for her as a artist….. i would be happy if she stops making music after this cd…. again just so so so bad. DONT WASTE UR TIME DOWNLOADING OR BUYING BIONIC! AWEFUL!!!