Ke$ha Tik Toks On ‘Conan’

Jan 7th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Ke$ha, the classiest dame in the music biz at the moment, shilled her new album Animal on The Tonight Show With Conan O’ Brien last night. Naturally she belted out her smash hit “TiK ToK,” which is now in its third week at #1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart.

But what’s surprising is that Ke$ha sounded a lot less like a shot-guzzling sorority chick at a karaoke joint than when she appeared on Ellen two days ago. Hell, the cheesy clock-arm choreography even seemed tighter this time around.

This was probably all just as much a shock to Ke$ha herself, who tweeted last night, “CONAN!!!!!!!!! Is ON! Omg so excited I hope I don’t look likeadoucheeee baggggg”.

Extra props to “K-money” for giving Conan a Best Friend mug during her interview, and clipping feathers in his hair. Looks like someone hit the 99 Cent store on the way to the studio!

  1. rex3695

    this is hideous – where is uffie?

  2. n

    KE$HA ROCK$!!!!!! uffe sucks

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