Mariah Carey And Ne-Yo’s ‘Angels Cry’ Remix Leaks

The remix for “Angels Cry” featuring Ne-Yo—which is the first official single off of Mariah Carey’s upcoming Angels Advocate remix album (due out February 23)—has leaked.

If you picked up People’s Choice Awards winner Carey’s Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel last fall, you’ll notice there’s not much difference between the “remix” and the original album version of the typically Mariah-esque ballad, save for Ne-Yo chiming in on the second verse.

In fact, what someone ought to do is whip up a dance beat and slap snippets Mimi’s drunk speech at the Palm Spring International Film Festival over top of it. That would be a hot single guaranteed to at least chart at #17!

At any rate, last night on the PCA red carpet, Mariah was asked to explain her tipsy behavior from the previous evening in the AP video clip below.

“If people don’t understand me and think I’m just this girl who stands by a microphone and sings ‘Hero,’ then they’re definitely not gonna get me,” Carey said.

We’ll drink to that.