Nicki Minaj Sasses Up Mariah Carey’s ‘Up Out My Face’ Remix

More Mimi has leaked, this time in the form of the re-swizzed “Up Out My Face” from her forthcoming Angel’s Advocate remix album. Twenty-five-year-old rapper Nicky Minaj lends some spunky rhymes to the cut, such as, “Mariah, I was in the million dollar meetin’s,  he was cheatin’/ All up in the church he was sneakin’ with the deacon.”

Girl, that’s what house arrest ankle bracelets are for! Hear “Up Out My Face” below.

Much like the new remix album’s first single “Angels Cry” (which features the suave vocals of Ne-Yo), there’s not really much difference, musically, from this version of “Up Out My Face” than the one on Carey’s recently-released studio album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel—save for the weaving in of Minaj’s raps.

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Overall “Face” rings a little too similar to Mariah’s winter 2005 smash “Don’t Forget About Us,” which itself copped from her mega-hit from earlier that year, “We Belong Together.” But still, if Mimi’s going to mine from her own extensive back catalog of ballads, those are the primo melodies to go for.