Today In ‘Idol’: It Begins

Jan 12th, 2010 // Comment

:: As we mentioned in our Morning Mix post, auditions kick off tonight in Boston with Victoria Beckham as the guest judge. We fully expect Simon and Posh to share British colloquialisms at the judge’s table that don’t make any sense to us Yanks. [People]

:: Best Week Ever got tipsy with Adam Lambert last November during their “Martini Minute” interview; this time they share a drink with Fantasia, in their nonstop pursuit to get drunk with every last Idol finalist. Only about 78 more to go! [Best Week Ever]

:: Fantasia For Real premieres tonight on VH1 at 10pm. A note to all the Idol contestants: if you win, this could happen to you. Not everybody is Carrie Underwood. [VH1]

:: On her morning show, Ellen DeGeneres shares her thoughts on Simon leaving Idol, because no one has talked about this yet, anywhere, especially not on the internet. [MJsbigblog]

:: And here’s a sneak peak of Ellen backstage of Idol during the Hollywood round. Excited yet? Sorry, you still have to wait a few more weeks to see her debut on the show. [Ellen]

:: TV Guide’s “Where Are They Now” Idol gallery is missing the biggest “Where The Hell Is He Now”, Brian Dunkleman. [TV Guide]


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