Today In ‘Idol’: Yep, It’s Still A Giant Hit (Sorry Paula)

:: Missed the premiere (and Boston auditions)? To paraphrase the one Boston band whose music wasn’t used in the episode, we didn’t miss a thing. See the recap. [Idolator]

:: Last night’s premiere drew 2.8 million viewers, down slightly from the Season 8 premiere. Turns out Paula’s absence (and various “X factors,” nudge nudge) translated to a loss of “only” 600k viewers. [LA Times]

:: Anime aficionado Mere Doyle tweeted that she was “mortified and embarrassed” by her Idol audition last night, but ain’t no Brit gonna hold her down: she’s recording a demo, and you can sample her tunes on her hot mess MySpace page. [Idol Chatter]

:: Kara’s “smart-ass” nemesis Andrew Fenlon already has a fan page on Facebook. Bikini Girl, you’ve been replaced in our hearts! [Facebook]

:: Amadeo DiRocco might come off like a Jersey Shore castaway (they probably didn’t let him on the show because he’s way too nice), and we’re not the only ones who noticed. Watch out, Amadeo, Snooki’s after you. []

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:: Not many people were impressed by Victoria Beckham’s guest judging abilities last night. We’re more concerned about her food-eating abilities, to be honest. [ABC News]

:: Entertainment Weekly counts down Simon’s meanest critiques. We expect him to up his game during his last season and just shoot contestants in the face when he doesn’t like their performance. [EW]

:: Today in This Thing Looks Like That Thing, cancer survivor, past Hollywood-round contestant and first Season 9 Idol dreamboat Justin Williams looks like a younger Seth MacFarlane, yes/yes?

Picture 2

Just look at this photo comparison and try to tell us they’re not time-traveling fraternal twins. And hey, both can actually sing!