GIF GALLERY: Idol Judges On Infinite Loop

Jan 13th, 2010 // 1 Comment

It’s no secret that the audition episodes of the American Idol season are all about the misfits, oddballs, freaks and geeks we suffer through/gawk at while the judges pan for Idol gold. While these episodes lack the drama of the real competition, they often represent the best chance for us to catch one of those precious “spit takes” from the judges. We snagged our favorite moments from Boston’s auditions, as seen in last night’s kickoff of American Idol Season 9, proudly presented below. Just think, you’re seeing this from the contestants’ perspectives. In other words, these are the images that will play over and over in their memories for all of eternity — which is why they’re GIFs!


Kara can’t help but get her groove on when the night’s first singer, Janet McNamara, handed in a dismal version of “Pocket Full of Sunshine.” This, of course, is before Janet calls Kara “Paula.”

kara hippy guy

Derrick, the blonde hippie, stops to smell the flowers before his audition. This is Kara getting her first whiff of his singing ability.


Waitress Lisa Olivero might not have had a great singing voice, but that doesn’t mean the judges didn’t notice her other “talents”.


Even though Joshua Blaylock’s rendition of “God Bless The Broken Road” made Randy check his watch, the 28-year-old singer still managed to nab a golden ticket to Hollywood.


And then there was the cowboy who “sang” Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.


Kara and Victoria likey hunk Luke Shaffer. They’re just about ready to jump over the judges’ table to tackle him.

That’s all from the season premiere. We’ll be back tomorrow with more “Idol On Infinte Loop”: the way we’ve always wanted to watch it.


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