Shontelle Gets Down And Dirty On Hollywood Blvd In “Licky (Under The Covers)”

So much for female empowerment. After winning fans with her “confident, fearless” debut album Shontelligence, the R&B babe is apparently starting over with a less subdued look and an “edgier” sound and style with her second, provocatively titled disc, Licky, out in April. In the video for the album’s second single, “Licky (Under the Covers),” Shontelle struts down Hollywood Boulevard dressed like Rihanna trying to be Lady Gaga (which we know RiRi already does so well). Comparisons to Rihanna are nothing new, since both R&B/pop stars were born in the Barbados, appeared in the vid for “Roll It” together and already share a striking resemblance to one another. Still, Shontelle swears she’s not trying to be a “copycat,” which is apparent in her “Licky” vid: she’s a lot more clothed than Rihanna’s been lately. (Sorry, fellas.)

We sincerely hope the video production crew power-scrubbed the chunk of sidewalk where Shontelle is writhing around. Otherwise, ew. (Amy Winehouse previously shot “Tears Dry on My Own” at that same location, if you needed another reason to consider reaching for your hazmat suit before strolling that section of Hollywood).