Nicki Minaj Heats Up Cassie’s Aptly Titled ‘F*ck U Silly’

Wow. Apparently Cassie has never heard of leaving something to the imagination. Following the recent leak of “Sky Diver” comes her latest track to surface, “F*ck U Silly.” Naturally, since she decided to crank up the XXX-factor, she called in the big guns—hip hop’s naughtiest female MC, Nicki Minaj!

Cassie’s no stranger to sexual innuendo, but she needs to get over herself and just own up it. Then again, with this jam she pretty much is. Her vocals are typically low-key, and it’s Nicki who really sexes up the joint.

“Slim, trim and also light-skinned, now Pe-Pe-Peter, put that pipe in,” raps Minaj. We’re guessing she’s not talking about having a new septic tank installed.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Cassie feat. Nicki Minaj – F*ck U Silly” dl=”0″] Wonder if Nicki said these types of things to all the boys back in high school?