Today In ‘Idol’: Shania Twain No Longer MIA

Jan 19th, 2010 // 3 Comments

:: Idol returns with Chicago auditions and guest judge Shania Twain, who’s taking a long and winding route back into the public eye — judging Idol, we get, but chatting with the Queen of Jordan? We’re confused. [BuddyTV]

:: Adam Lambert appears on Oprah today. Here’s hoping he spontaneously decides to make out with Oprah and forces her head toward his crotch. [Oprah]

:: Randy Jackson is stepping up as the Idol alpha male by making appearances on Letterman and Regis & Kelly. We’re surprised he doesn’t throw on a V-neck and speak with a British accent. [MJsbigblog]

:: Simon Cowell has extended and expanded his relationship with Sony by turning his Syco production company (which includes rights to The X Factor and artists like Susan Boyle) into a new 50-50 joint venture with the Japanese electronics company. Cowell winding up a lonely Howard Hughes-style billionaire in his old age is pretty much a given at this point. [E! Online]

:: Is one of your favorite cleverly named contestants already disqualified from the competition? Click the link to be spoiled (and saddened). [Idol Chatter]

UPDATE! Check out Adam performing “If I Had You” on Oprah after the jump.

  1. Guest

    I'd expected (hoped?) there'd be more input from Shania on this round of judging.

    Judging aside, besides seeing her tonight I happened to hear part of her guest-host stint on CBC's The Current (thanks, Sirius radio). Shania may well be one of the most fluently “bilingual” Canadians I know of: a near-flawless border-state-Southern-US accent on Idol, while on CBC sounding for all the world like the long-lost sister to Bob and Doug McKenzie (beauty, eh!).

  2. shania's the guest judge but she's having the least appearance in this episode!!

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