Nicki Minaj Does Female Bonding In “Girlfriend”

Earlier this week we posted two new Nicki Minaj jams—Cassie’s “F*ck U Silly,” which Minaj spits a few naughty rhymes on, and Nicki’s own mellow track “Your Love,” which samples Annie Lennox.

Complex just listed its 25 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010, and Minaj, who the site called “the most buzzed-about female rapper in a decade,” came in at #24. And since you can never cram too much of a green-nail-polish-wearing, foul-mouthed diva in your ears, below is “Girlfriend,” an ode to BFFs off Nicki’s Barbie World mixtape.

“Wherever I slide thru I gotta go buy two, If I get it in the pink I get her the light blue/ Brand new Range Rover that was for her bday, I just auctioned off some shit you can get on ebay,” Minaj raps on “Girlfriend.”

Awww. So thoughtful.

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  • pooh

    i wanna know how long she been likeing girls and what they do for her in a sexually way

  • Robbie Daw

    Yes, Pooh, if only she'd take a cue from the John Mayer school of TMI 101.

  • irene

    love u

  • LaMarcus "Lil Redd" Curt

    She's sooo OVERRATED!!! The BEST female rappers are Lauryn Hill and Jean Grae!!! Fuck this tranny-lookin' bobbit!!!!

  • corrianne

    hey nikke you look pretty and i want to be a singet like you

  • blackkbarbie

    Nicki Minaj is tew pretty to be bi but i kant lie she is fuckkin badd nd she os ture barbie nd she got lil mamma hatin on ha too niki is mhy favorite girl rapper
    (no gayy iish in mhyy lane)

  • ayonna

    Nicki Minaj Nicki Lewinski Nicki the Ninja Nicki the Boss the Harajuku Barbie.!

  • JAE

    i know what a female do to her we make her weak i believe a female can satisfy your needs because she knows what another female want lick stick hard or soft depends on your actions and how wide your cookies are get it? hopefully im a lesbian so i most def know how it feels but yea shot out to NICKII!!!! XOXO

  • tina

    fuck her she geting her ass kicked if she come back to tn she is fake and impersonates everyone

  • toriano stafford

    jux stupid…toriano(georgia chixx)

  • Tess .

    HELL qahdayuhm yeah . wtf this bitch riqht heree wanna be . lil kimm ? how tha hell u qon talm'boutchu real && sht and wanna be a biter . wthhh ,, thiss qurl still on somee liddo kidd sht . [ barbieee?? ; – FALLBACK . ) liddo one ! ohhh . she soo xxtra fake it irratatez me . sheee aint have no dayuhm bodyy . bitch looked like a dayuhmmm ., pitbull or somee sht or sum off tha movie dha decent .

    qoo heree :
    [… )

  • ahmayah

    I love niki and hell i wanna be her girlfriend!!!!!

  • ahmayah

    yall are some fuckin haterz!!! like how dare you judge her as if yall out preforming
    to please you many haterz!!! shame on yall thatz why shes ballin while yall fallin!!!! BITCHEZ!!!

    • lailaiboo

      u gay girl

  • sarah

    dats fucked up forreal u shouldnt b talkin all that shit atlest she makin it somewhere but where are all u guys at no where sittin here talkin shit on her wishin u could b big like her.. so next time when u think about talkin shit dont.. u wanna talk about her lil kid shit well what u “haterz” are doin is elementry drama shit!

  • Adrianna

    i know dat's right dont make no damn sense how they fuckin hatin so what if she's a lesbian she still 1 of the best rappers and i still have respect for cuz unlike yall damn haterz im not all about judging nobody shout out to NICKI MINAJ

  • jordanbattle

    like omg nicki minaj i love your lyrics i just wish i can meet you i just wish i can rap like you and ohhh and by the way are you realy gay

  • jordan

    how eva this is you is not the business so shut up please

  • jordan

    how eva this is you is not the business so shut up please

  • (♥♥)wifeyy'typee

    OMiGodd dawgg ilovee nicki minaj . ireally dn't care she gay imean she dhaa ish soo wadd'ss dhaa pointt uff everyy'bodyy make'nn auu' bigg deall outt uff noth'nn…..

  • prettyyfaceemarie

    ifreakin lovee dhiss sonqq bhut if yhu really listen thu it she's not talkinq abt beinq qay she's talkinq abt her bestfriend !

  • http://facebook raven hill

    look nicki is so s tupid she is gay and nasty no MAN needs to da te her unless they lost ther MINDS

  • Kookie

    Nicki is my bitch……my fave female rapper….and i would let her sign my boobs any day!!!!

  • natte

    what do the girls do for her in a sexually way

  • tay

    y do u want to be her girlfriend

  • Juss.A.Fann!

    I mean, yeah she is overrated.! But, so is any other artist that’s gettin’ it in. Yeah, the whole Barbie thing gets a little outta hand. Lmao. But, her lyrics are catchy. Can’t say she’s the best female to ever do it. But, as of right now Nicki Minaj is dha “ish”. iThink she is dope!. Regardless. She gettin’ money & every hater claims she dhis she dhat. But, uh, why yal’ bangin’ ha sh*t doe?..Haha. Respect dha sexuality. She bold as fu*k. Live It. Learn Some. Laugh Alot… !!

  • rondasia


  • lailaiboo

    ys niggas need stop playin wth tht girl i agry with um her name so wt my homie gy and we have hower things

  • TAY

    is her girlfriend black or light skinned

  • TAY

    im only 14

  • Bree Pass

    hahaha.. i like nikki minaj and i dont care what other people say about her ..cuz dhat , B**** ! -can rapp’ forreal :@