Listen To Madonna’s Unreleased ‘Hard Candy’ Track “Across The Sky”

If you’re more interested in Madonna’s music than her midlife crisis, an unreleased song produced during the recording of Hard Candy surfaced today, called “Across the Sky.” The track was produced by Timbaland and features Justin Timberlake on vocals, but don’t expect “4 Minutes (Part II)”—this offering is a lot more subdued (and new-agey) than the musical trio’s last dance-pop collaboration together. Listen to it after the jump, and decide for yourself if it should have made the final cut for Hard Candy or if it should have remained unreleased:

Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake – “Across the Sky”

Was the track left off the album because Timbaland’s overdid the grunting sounds in the background? Or was it the borderline cheesy lyrics of the chorus, “Honesty will make us fly, baby, traveling across the sky,” feebily sung by Madonna, whose voice gets weaker with each album? Perhaps a combination of both, but either way, at this point JT should be used to having his tracks cut from mainstream pop albums.