Are You Addicted To Leighton Meester’s “Your Love’s A Drug”?

Too bad Blair Waldorf isn’t having as much luck as Leighton Meester is nowadays. The Gossip Girl star’s career as a reputable recording artist is blooming brighter everyday—her collaboration with Robin Thicke, “Sombody to Love,” is included on the lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day soundtrack, and now the dance track “Your Love’s A Drug” from her debut album has surfaced. Is it enough to finally propel her into the Hot 100’s Top 10? And how does it compare to Ke$ha’s similarly titled “Your Love Is My Drug”? Listen to the track after the jump:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Leighton Meester – Your Love’s A Drug”]

We like the dance beat, and the song is definitely listenable and inoffensive, but that’s the problem: it sounds like any over-processed club song out there. Leighton’s singing voice is sufficient, but lacks any unique sound or personality to make her stand out among all the Ke$has currently on the scene. (And if there’s one compliment we can pay Ke$ha, is that she’s practically wired for spotlight-hogging. Even if it sometimes offends certain people.)

Ke$ha releasing the similarly-titled “Your Love Is My Drug” as the next single from her debut album Animal is a definite possibility, so it’ll be interesting to see which love addiction song triumphs on the charts. Personally, we’re putting five bucks on the glitter-loving booze hound. Sorry, Leighton, but look on the bright side: at least you’re still considered the top banana among the other aspiring musicians on your show.