Nicki Minaj Threatens The Backhand Smack On Sean Garrett’s “Get It All”

Sean Garrett knows the deal. If you want to get some attention paid to your latest jam, best lasso in the most talked-about rapper on the Young Money roster in 2010, Nicki Minaj. Writer/producer Garrett tries to play the suave ladies man (yawn) on his slow-tempo piano tune “Get It All,” but let’s face it—all ears are on silver-tongued Minaj.

“You and me, we should be together, cop the matching Lamborghinis, Swahili leather,” she raps on “Get It All,” while trying to steal Garrett away from his girlfriend. Next she warns, “Now that’s black on black, and if the bitch caught your phone that’s the backhand smack.”

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Oh, Nicki, what happened to the soft, demure diva who was all about “Your Love”? Eh, who cares—as long as she can jazz up otherwise trite, by-the-numbers songs like “Get It All,” she can rap the ingredients on a bottle of ketchup for all we care.