Sorry, Susan Boyle—’Hope For Haiti Now’ Set To Top The Album Chart This Week

The Hope For Haiti Now album of live performances collected from Friday’s telethon managed to rack up a jaw-dropping 150,000 downloads on Saturday and Sunday alone, and will top the upcoming Top 200 Albums chart, Billboard reported today.

One artist who probably let out an ear-piercing F Sharp shriek upon hearing the news was Susan Boyle, whose I Dreamed A Dream was expected to return to #1 for a seventh non-consecutive week. (Billboard notes she may end up with around 80,000 copies sold.)

Hope For Haiti Now will mark the first time a digital-only album has topped the Top 200 chart. It was added to iTunes on Saturday, and the cut-off period for sales counted toward this week’s chart was Sunday.

But as for SuBo—who’s been getting jilted left and right lately—it won’t stop her from being charitable herself. She’s lending her Scottish pipes to Simon Cowell’s forthcoming all-star “Everybody Hurts” cover, the proceeds from which will benefit Haiti relief efforts.

“The Haiti earthquake has caused devastation and suffering that most of us will never experience nor could imagine,” Boyle recently said. “I feel privileged to be a part of such a wonderful project that will raise money to help the country.”

The 20-track Hope For Haiti Now album features songs by Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Shakira and Taylor Swift.

  • ksdust

    I doubt Susan will let out an ear-splitting shriek at the news that her sales were topped by the charity album. I bet she will be glad the Help for Haiti album is bringing in money.

  • bonnie0

    Susan Boyle has “nothing to be sorry for”. Hope for Haiti can't hold a candle to her singing with her spirit and her soul. She's still the best!!! I'm sure she is happy the album tops the charts, as she is still WAY UP THERE.

  • Maria

    I'm pretty sure we don't need to be sorry for 4x platinum (in the US) Susan Boyle. Or 44x platinum (in the world) Susan Boyle. She's just fine.

  • carol

    You are so full of it. No one will be happier than Susan Boyle at the number of albums sold for this worthy cause and you know it.

  • KathyM

    Well I would certainly hope that Hope For Haiti gets #1 last week. After all, it was on every TV station in the US and it's for a good cause.
    Susan stayed #1 for an unprecedented 6 weeks and sold over 700,000 the first week with very little publicity, and had the best selling alubm in the WORLD in just 6 weeks.
    No need to make it sound as if she hasn't done extremely well.
    I believe she's quite satisfied with 10 millions sales since Nov. 23.

  • Griffin

    Yes 10 million records sold is nothing to feel bad about. I'm sure Susan will be thrilled for Haiti. The money is going for a great cause.

  • ComeOnEileen

    Has SuBo actually shrieked and, if so, was it louder than when her weekly sales were eclipsed by those of Ke$ha?

    The Scottish song-vixen has nothing to complain about, especially as SiCow's little record will expose her to the last 10 music buyers on the planet who haven't bought her album yet. Four of them haven't bought a record since 1972, and the other six are having trouble with their credit card or Paypal accounts.

  • Flo Baker

    I am sure Susan is not upset by this. She is a very gracious lady and would be happy to know that the money from the 150,000+ sales is going to help those in Haiti. Had she been asked, I imagine she would have participated in Hope for Haiti Now

  • Misti in Seattle

    Susan is such a sweet person I am sure she will be thrilled that the Hope for Haiti album has done so well. I have no doubt she is quite happy with her ten million sold so far. :) She is a lovely, gracious lady who obviously cares very much about the needs of others, particularly those who are hurting so deeply right now.

  • Maverick

    I'll buy the CD for Haiti, but I'll buy sveral if Joe McElderry is singing on it!

  • lily

    2010 isn't Susan Boyles year. Her 15 minutes is up already. Get lost Susan Boyle

  • dingbatshine

    Huh? Lily you must be sick. i suggest you see a psychiatrist.

  • judybg

    This is just snide. So if an recording intended to help Haiti–a cause clearly dear to the hearts of many–outsells Susan Boyle's CD, you project her as being extremely upset personally, and as effectively “jilted” by the public. And yet what evidence do you have that she would not wish the Haiti album to do as well as it possibly can? And in what way could success for this album possibly be construed as a rejection of her? Is the only way Susan Boyle can be regarded as successful for her to continue to stay number one to the end of time–that any slip indicates that the public is turning their backs on her? I would have thought 10 million albums sold and counting was indication enough that she is much beloved by many. And Lily–15 minutes? You make me laugh!

  • JoMike

    Lily, everytime I see your name on the Internet, you ALWAYS have something nasty and unflattering to say about Susan Boyle. Just remember that what goes around comes around; so your turn to receive nasty comments about yourself is on its way to you now! If you can't say anything nice, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!

  • Rose of England

    The writer of this article is a very unusual person, fortunately. I can think of few people who would begrudge the help this record will give to starving, sick, homeless, exhausted and traumatised people. Every penny we give will be well and truly spent. You insult Susan Boyle who is the least selfish, greedy or materialistic person in the music world today. Shame on you.

  • Jannisong

    I understood that Susan Boyle will be on the “Hope For Haiti” CD, and one of the first ones to be asked. And well she should be. What a great singer and person!

  • firststarbrite

    Will be her DECADE! Fly a kite, lilinonothing.

  • Misti in Seattle

    Even if you were correct about Susan's fame being over… which you are not… she still has already achieved more in the two months her CD has been out than most artists achieve in a lifetime, breaking records all over the world, not to mention amassing a fortune in the process, even though it is quite apparent that is not her motivation. Besides the fact this writer seems to be missing is that Susan is going to be a PART of the Hope for Haiti project plus anyone would have to be a “monster” to begrudge any assistance given for Haiti, which Susan is not. Besides the fact that millions of SusaFans…self included… would buy Susan's CDs if she sang “Farmer in the Dell” :) As long as I am alive, Susan's music will sell. :)

  • Marcia

    Why would she be sorry?!!!! This article doesn't make sense at all! Susan's album was number one for 6 weeks, may I just remind you….

  • Buy or Sell

    A few years back, I experienced a minor earthquake in my hometown, but that minor ground shake was no comparison to Haiti’s catastrophe! Just hearing about the stories of families being separated, and not being able to keep in touch with one another reminded me of my experience during Hurricane Katrina. I have plenty of family in New Orleans, so I could relate to the anxious feelings felt by families who could not contact loved ones. I can remember one bad weather day while away at college. My father called.