PHOTOS: ‘VMAN’ Magazine Shows You How To Dress Like A Pop Star

Jan 26th, 2010 // 53 Comments

This week, VMAN magazine (the Ken to V magazine’s Barbie) shows you how to dress like a pop star as part of their “How To” issue. The photo spread, shot by photographer Mark Abrahams, includes Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship. While the tips are helpful, remember, individual results may vary. Sporting a shag haircut and a hoodie doesn’t guarantee you’ll score a kiss on the cheek from Rihanna and cause a stampede at malls across America. And eyeliner and an early-Elvis pompadour doesn’t always translate to nearly 500,000 sales on your first album. That said, we’re sure it couldn’t hurt either.


  1. Munchkin
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    Gee&Mikey <3

  2. ilovemychem
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    How can anyone say that Justin Bieber looks better than Adam Lambert? If you’re 10, okay; it makes sense because Justin Bieber looks 10…13 at the very, very most. The fact that he’s trying to look sexy is therefore disturbing. And I get the eyeliner hating thing; I don’t hate it, but yes, I see how you can…but still. Between the two of them, who looks better, 20-something looking guy or a 10-year-old girl looking guy? Also, @rebecajustinbieber, how do you know he never lies??? You don’t know him personally, he probably does lie at least sometimes just because most people do. Nice spelling by the way.

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    A teenie bit vain peeps:(

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