Pantsgate—Did Larry Platt Steal “Pants On The Ground”?

Jan 26th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Is 2010′s first mega-hit a total rip-off? Say it ain’t so, General! Two weeks after contestant Larry Platt wowed American Idol with his novelty tune (and acrobatics), two performers from Highland Park, Michigan have emerged to claim that “Pants on the Ground” is a Xerox copy of their copyrighted 1996 song “Back Pockets On The Floor.” Michigan’s Green Brothers explain, “The General’s song have the same intent, idea and in part the same message. YOU BE THE JUDGE AMERICA!”

Yes, let’s be the judge, shall we? We compare the two songs after the jump:

“The General” Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground”

“Back Pockets on the Floor”

We’re not going to lie—they are very similar. Like “Halo” vs. “Already Gone” similar. Hell, even the lead singer of “Back Pockets” could pass for Platt’s body double. But how on Earth would Larry have seen this video or heard this song, anyway?

We need a second opinion, so let’s go to the pundits—angry YouTube commenters.

Picture 6

Well, we can’t argue with that. What do fans think about the songs’ similarities?

Picture 5

Oh, how we wish it were the end. But when there’s money to be made and fame to be had, you can bet that this drama will stretch out as long as lawyers can bill somebody for their time.


  1. capnpen

    BS. General Larry didn't copycat these guys. On the other hand, they're trying to rip him off in reverse. Heck with 'em. Give General Larry his props, and send these guys back to the ash heap of failed songs.

  2. There isn't any similarities with each song!

    They are just trying to get money from Mr.Platt

    We are with you Larry…Pants on the ground!!!

  3. glendabernadetteallen

    Becky Bain / Idolator / Did Larry Platt steal “Pants on the ground”?

    There is not a chance that the American Idol General Larry Platt is a rip-off artist.

    Know that there is a female co-writer to “Pants on the Ground” in Atlanta whom is also a known activist with truth and details of the song. (“Pants on the Ground”)

    The song was written from the Fulton County Courthouse steps Atlanta, GA. Gen Larry Platt protesing the foreclosures 2 + years with the female co-writer (Whom both are activist.)

  4. TopTrendingTopics

    There were so many people talking about Pants On The Ground on Twitter that it was one of the top trending topics for a while – check out the video at… to see some of the more entertaining ones in a funny video. :-)

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