Kid Cudi Rolls Up In “Cudderisback” Video

Jan 26th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Kid Cudi was apparently too busy to continue touring with Lady Gaga, but he’s got more than enough time to chillax in hotel rooms. While on the road in Boston, Cudi shot a music video for the bouncy “Cudderisback,” and we think we’ve spotted the biggest expense in the production budget: weed. Had Kid Cudi not purchased the copious amounts of herb seen in the vid, he may have been able to perform on a set, hire some bootyshakin’ dancers, maybe add some choreography… but, nah. That would have been too much effort. After the jump, check out Cudi and pals pretty much just hanging out:

Cudi initially released the song as a holiday gift to fans back in December, but it’s much more fun packaged with the footage captured by Jason Goldwatch. Cudi raps about weed, fame, and weed over the playful melody of Vampire Weekend’s “Ottoman”, off the Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist soundtrack. If nothing else, the clip tells us two things: 1) Kid Cudi is really excellent at lip-syncing to his own rhymes, and 2) he and Alanis Morissette would get along pretty well.

[via Nah Right]


  1. John

    Don't hate on herb. Cudi's the man.

  2. scott

    I wouldn’t call that “copious amounts of herb”

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