The Morning Mix: Taylor Swift Is A Magical Creature

Jan 29th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Morning everyone! Taylor Swift might resemble a mythical being, but she doesn’t need magic dust to sweep at this Sunday Grammy Awards. (Unless, of course, some of our prediction posts are correct.) More Grammy goodness later, but for now, let’s mix it up:

Did You Hear?

:: Is Taylor Swift a sell-out? An in-depth look at Brand Taylor. [Celebuzz]

:: Did The Black Eyed Peas steal their hit song “Boom Boom Pow” from a song called “Boom Dynamite”? This is “Pants on the Ground/Back Pockets on the Floor” all over again. [Vulture]

:: The TCM channel released its list of the most influential soundtracks of  all time, and it inexplicably stops at the year 1977. No Trainspotting? Romeo + Juliet? Pulp Fiction? Magnolia? O Brother Where Art Thou? And nothing by Danny Elfman? Whoever compiled this list needs to change the channel once in a while. [Pop Candy]

:: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Will Smith will be part of the star-studded lineup on a “We Are The World” re-recording. Proceeds of the single will be donated to help Haiti. We’re hoping for a surprise appearance by Joaquin. [E! Online]

:: Susan Boyle’s idol Elaine Paige called the Britain’s Got Talent superstar “a virus.” [Pop Eater]

Behind the jump: Greed is good. Especially if it’s in the form of a 13-year old Top 40 hit.

cartoon_tvMusic On TV Tonight:
:: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) – Julian Casablancas (repeat)
:: Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) – Phoenix
:: Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) – Corinne Bailey Rae
:: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) – John Mayer
:: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) – Ke$ha (repeat)


VIDEO REWIND OF THE DAY: In honor of the Wall Street 2 trailer hitting the web this week, we wanted to highlight a song from the first film’s soundtrack. Alas, we didn’t feel very inspired to give David Byrne or Kenny G a shout-out in today’s mix (sorry, fellas). So instead, we’re going with our favorite ode to moolah: “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” by the Notorious B.I.G., featuring Ma$e and Puff Daddy (our favorite of Sean Combs’ stage names) dressed as a Tiger Woods-type golfer. Hilarious that back in 1997, Tiger was somebody to emulate. Oh, how times have changed! (More proof of that: Ma$e (Mason Derelle Betha) is now a pastor.)

Have a great day, everyone!

  1. Ah she be an Alien!

  2. AFN

    Ahhh I knew she wasn't human!

  3. Ada

    Stefanie – suppppper cute pietcrus! I love it!!the frames look amazing even though the pics are creepy :) but I cannot wait to see the normal’ pietcrus!so sad I missed your get together on Saturday i hope it was fantastic!! ps. congrats about the photoshoot! youre going to be AMAZING

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