Taste The Black Eyed Peas’ “Grapes”

Jan 29th, 2010 // 2 Comments

An unreleased Black Eyed Peas track that’s said to be called “Grapes” is doing the rounds. It’s unclear when it was recorded. Musically, there’s an obvious Middle Eastern influence running throughout the song, and it’s got more of a hip hop vibe than the material on the electro-pop The E.N.D. Lyrically, “Grapes” kind of make “My Humps” sound like a children’s nursery rhyme. For instance: “Lookie, lookie, lookie what I got right here/ Nibble on my cookie, bet you want to, dear.”

Always keeping it classy, Fergie! Have a listen to “Grapes” below the jump.

Well, it’s certainly no “Meet Me Halfway.” In fact, this one might be best left unreleased.

The Peas kick off their world tour next week on Thursday, February 4, at Atlanta’s Philips Arena. Ahead of that, they’ll be hitting up the Grammy Awards, where they’re nominated in six categories.

Will they go home winners, or will there be some sour, uh, grapes come Monday morning?


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