Sade Chill Out “In Another Time”

Jan 29th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Good news, Sade fans—after a tireless search, it looks like the band’s official site finally found a moderator for its discussion forums. That means you can participate in all the online bonding and bickering with other Sade fans you want, without the fear of rampant chaos taking over. Whew!

And this must be your lucky day, because you can also hear chill new jam “In Another Time,” from Sade’s upcoming album Soldier Of Love, below the jump!

“In another time, girl, in another time and place,” vocalist Sade Adu sings. And she could just be talking about herself. Because unlike some of these young whipper-snappers today who toss albums out every six months or so, Sade’s Soldier Of Love, out February 9, will be the band’s first studio LP in ten years.

  1. el_polacko

    always been a fan, but after hearing these first two cuts… i dunno… something just isn't jelling with me…can't put my finger on what's the problem….

  2. Never expected from justin beiber

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