Coldplay’s Chris Martin Gets Simpsonized

Is it too early in the new decade to start another list of the Best Pop Star Appearances on The Simpsons? Chris Martin lent his vocal talents to The Simpsons last night, as he led Coldplay through an LOL-inducing private show for Homer and Bart. Take the jump to see the band’s appearance on the show (featuring their Grammy-winning “Viva La Vida”), and bonus footage of Chris Martin goofing off behind the scenes and improvising lines that didn’t make the cut of last night’s episode:

“The tambourine? I might as well play with dolls!” Totally hilarious cameo, although we’re not really sold on the Coldplay frontman’s caricature:

Picture 2

They got the jacket right, but it’s just not Chris Martin without those piercing baby blues.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s hubby has a charming knack for self-deprecation when it comes to his band or his own celebrity. He’s appeared as himself (with Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland) in Shaun of the Dead to raise awareness for the Zombie charity, Zombaid, and reached for new heights of self-parody when he portrayed himself (as a self-centered, egomanical rockstar) on the Ricky Gervais’ comedy Extras.

Can somebody book this guy as a host on Saturday Night Live? We think it’s time for Justin Timberlake to make room for other musician/comedians.

[Via Stereogum]