Today In ‘Idol’: T-Pain Wants A Piece Of Carrie Underwood

Feb 1st, 2010 // Comment

:: Check out a first look of Kimberly Caldwell on the set of her “Mess Of You” music video. [Idolator]

:: “Pants on the Ground” drama continues, as Larry Platt’s former manager releases a studio recording to radio stations without “The General”‘s permission. [TMZ]

:: Carrie Underwood wasn’t the only Idol alum up for a Grammy last night, but she’s the only one that won. (And watch out, Carrie, T-Pain’s vocoder is coming for you!) [MJsbigblog]

:: So much for Jamie Foxx filling in for Simon—he says he’s too busy to fill in at the judge’s table. Damn, after his Grammy performance, we were almost getting excited at the possibility. [E! Online]

:: Chris Daughtry attemps to grow out his hair. We attempt not to laugh. (Take it from Adam Lambert’s eyebrows, Chris, having hair isn’t always a good thing.) [Vote For The Worst]

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