SOS: We’ve Heard Jason Derulo’s “Message In A Bottle” Before

Feb 1st, 2010 // Comment

The week just wouldn’t be complete without a new Jason Derulo song popping up, and so let’s jazz up our Monday with “Message In A Bottle.” Oh, wait—this kind of sounds like another of Derulo’s songs that surfaced last year called “She Flys Me Away.” Scratch that—it’s the exact same song, save for altered lyrics in the chorus. Suddenly this week sucks. Thanks, Jason.

[wpaudio url="" text="Jason Derulo - Message In A Bottle" dl="0"]

And here’s “She Flys Me Away”:

[wpaudio url="" text="Jason Derulo - She Flys Me Away" dl="0"]

Well, we’ll let JD slide since the opening of “Message In A Bottle/She Flys Me Away” sounds a bit like My Robot Friend’s electro jam “We’re The Pet Shop Boys”:

…which the Pet Shop Boys themselves covered rather effectively in 2003:

…and Robbie Williams then covered in 2006, with the Pet Shop Boys producing:

So, kudos for that, Jason!


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