Listen To Lady Gaga’s “Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)”

Grammy winner and Armani muse Lady Gaga is creating more and more little monsters each day, and they keep turning up in the unlikeliest of places — lke indie-rock bands. Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij recently divulged to SIRIUS radio host/Rolling Stone writer Jenny Eliscu that he considers “pretty much everything” by Gaga a guilty pleasure. Eliscu claimed to have “philisophical objections” to the The Fame singer, but Batmanglij defended her honor, saying Gaga provides comfort to teens by letting them know “they shouldn’t feel like a freak. That’s something I personally can relate to. I think what she is doing is meaningful.”

The VW boys should thoroughly enjoy the latest unreleased Gaga song to surface, “Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)” — and so should you! Hear a litle more of Gaga’s bluesy side as she tickles the ivories on the track. The song isn’t new — it was featured in Lady Gaga’s The Fame mini-movie filmed almost two years ago — but it somehow failed to make the tracklisting of The Fame or The Fame Monster. Good thing we live in the 2010’s, where every early college campus gig, demo, b-side and Japanese-edition-only track an artist records turns up on the Web sooner or later.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Lady Gaga – Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)” dl=”0″]

This elegant love ballad sounds a bit like a blend of of The Fame Monster‘s “Speechless” and The Fame‘s “Brown Eyes.” It’s not breaking much new ground, but it’s a solid track for the Gaga completist.

Here’s a video of her playing an acoustic version of “Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)” last March for KIIS FM in their Slot Music Studio.