Carrie Underwood Depresses Us With “Temporary Home” Video

Feb 2nd, 2010 // 5 Comments

Too bad Oscar nominations already came out this morning, because Carrie Underwood gave a tear-jerking performance in the just-released music video to her latest single, “Temporary Home.” In the melancholy vid, a little kid is sent to a foster home, a mother searches for work in the cold, and Carrie Underwood visits a hospital in the most depressing dialogue-break to come in the middle of a music video since the idiotic Titanic reference in “Oops…  Did It Again.” Watch the clip after the jump, and try to hold in the sobs:

Carrie Underwood – “Temporary Home”

Somebody book this girl a starring role in her own Lifetime movie. (Hey, she wouldn’t be the first Idol winner to have one!)

As touching as the video is, we’re a little annoyed that Carrie sings exactly what is happening on the screen. Yes, country songs are known to tell stories, and the story of “Temporary Home” is what we see on-screen. But this strict adherence to the lyrics, with no creative license whatsoever, comes off a liiittle bit too much like this:

  1. kay

    wow she ven looks beautifull when she cries…

    i liked this video a lot, i think they did a great job and they captured the beauty of this sing….loved it

  2. Diann

    AMAZING VIDEO! It wasn't depressing at all! The video showed how Carrie had “moments” with this young boy and the young mom. She smiled, she SAW them. Her life seemed in a much better place then both the others. Then she gets out at the hospital and you realize that it is hard to know what is going on in others lives – even when they look to be in a better place. The end was amazing and INSPIRING not depressing!

  3. Dan Lasky

    You are a terrible reviewer. You actually missed the whole point of the song/video. Where is your brain??? This is a song of hope, hope, hope. If you cared to carefully watch the video, Carrie smiles through many of the lyrics, signifying the hopeful nature of the message. Don't you get it? And you call yourself a critic.? You need to some smarts, because you review shows you don't have any.

  4. Calista86

    In response to the other comments on here, why are you guys reading this site?? It's supposed to be sarcastic and satirical reviews of pop culture. Of course they're gonna poke fun at this video, it was practically asking for it

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