Lady Gaga Graces Multiple Comic Book Covers

This is a little bit more like it. After checking out the first ho-hum Lady Gaga cover for her Fame comic book series, we’re happy the publishers upped the ante and released a few more Gaga looks. The image of the tattoo-fiend dolled in red lace, a barely there G-string and a hair-sun stuck to her head is taken straight from her appearance at the Marc Jacobs fashion show last summer. Is posting an almost nude pop star on the cover their sneaky way of getting teenage boys to pick up a copy? Could be. Check out another pic after the jump.


Ah, the classic “Oops! Did I make you feel uncomfortable with my bizarre, overtly sexual and sometimes disturbing fashion statements? My bad!” look.

The Fame comic book series offers an unauthorized biography of current notable celebrities today, geared towards teens. Although we’re not sure how they’ll tackle Ms. Germanotta’s past drug use and trips ’round the pole in cartoon form.

[Via MTV]