Sugababes Want To “Thank You For The Heartbreak”

Sugbabes’ latest single “Wear My Kiss” isn’t the most inspired song to spring forth from the ever-changing trio’s canon. In fact, we’re wondering why Sweet 7 track “Thank You For The Heartbreak” wasn’t given the official go-ahead as the follow-up to “About A Girl.”

“Thank You For The Heartbreak” is less of a stab at American radio-friendly R&B and more of a return to what Britain’s ‘babes have traditionally excelled at: taking their sass and snappy tell-offs to the dance floor. It’s also a tight enough jam to possibly sway some of the girls’ detractors who’ve not gotten over the group’s series of lineup changes. They call that the power of disco. Hear it below!

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Sugababes – Thank You For The Heartbreak” dl=”0″]

We’ll take more of this, please, girls! Sweet 7 is due out in Europe in early March. So far things have been mum on their U.S. deal with Roc Nation since the departure of Keisha Buchanan.