Listen To Jennifer Lopez Offer Up The “Greatest Part Of Me”

It seems that Jennifer Lopez is clearly motivated after the non-success of “Louboutins.” While her new tune “Greatest Part Of Me” isn’t quite as energetic as “Everybody’s Girl,” which surfaced last week, it’s still a pleasant enough, breezy mid-tempo number with a slight hint of early-’90s R&B/pop. In other words, a perfect jam to snap your fingers to as springtime draws near. Hear it below!

Damn! This is giving us a total old-school Jade/”Don’t Walk Away” vibe. There’s no word yet on whether “Greatest Part Of Me” will end up making the cut for J.Lo’s Love? album—which itself doesn’t yet have a solid release date. She’d be kind of silly to leave it off, though.

And now that our minds are stuck on Jade…